Those Bits of Flair – Here and There (Kennedy & Tyler by Imago Photography)

Tyler and Kennedy – what a couple.  This was just a fun wedding to witness from all sorts of angles.  The picture above is stunning – with the gorgeous skyline in the background and the loving couple kissing in the foreground.  Tyler in his cowboy duds and Kennedy like a Southern princess – this day was dotted with bits of flair here and there.  All of those personal touches is one of the things that made this wedding stand out.


As the photos attest, much thought was put into the vision of this day.  The family heirlooms on the church pews, vintage hankies for “happy tears”, and those gorgeous turquoise boots!  And Tyler – a good ole’ boy – who looked so snazzy in his duds – sure did adore his bride, Kennedy…it shows.

Imago Photography is one of our regulars.  Their work certainly speaks for itself but I must say…there is magic here in these photos.  I love this next one of Kennedy.

Another beautiful day – gorgeous wedding – barn full of happy family and friends – and a happy new couple started their new chapter here at the farm.  And look – she even got to kiss the goat………..luck is coming her way!