All Things Antique With A Woodland Romantic Feel – Wedding of Jules & Kyle by David Avant Photography

Let’s just state the obvious – Jules is a stunningly beautiful bride.  But despite this regal look, Jules is a free-spirited woman who use to be a ballet dancer and even sings in a band part-time nowadays.

Now – this girl knows how to do a pirouette!

When I met with Jules about her wedding day and her decorating ideas, she very very specific about a couple of things and quite flexible on most everything else.  She wanted a very romantic woodland theme using lots of greenery (everything from ruscous leaves, succulents, and mosses of all sorts) as much as possible and then infusing lights, lace, with a touch of flowers.  The second aspect was that she and Kyle both loved “all things antique” the more the merrier.  She wanted each table to be unique to the other tables so that there would be interest and variety at each table.  I was certainly getting the hang of this woodland romantic theme so it just would involve combing through my collection of antiques to know which ones to choose and how best to showcase them.  This table picture above was one of my favorites.

She preferred the silver route so I dug through all of my tarnishy silver trays, teapots, and other pieces and had fun converting them to this unique theme.  Planting baby ferns in some antique teacups, using a few of my vintage books, and making votives out of cut glass punch cups – all help mix these elements together.  Adding doilies to anything adds the flair too.

But……back at the farmhouse………….

Knowing that all of the barn related issues were being well handled by her vendors, this left Jules to relax and enjoy being pampered at the Farmhouse.  I love the intricate work on this dressed and the gorgeous weaving strings in the back.

I love the way that the yellow room and the turquoise chair pop with the accent of the white wedding dress.  When you have legs like these – you show them off!

Her bouquets were done by Flowers By Tami who of course did an amazing job.  Look at this bridal bouquet.  Lots of mixed greens from several varieties of ferns plus the ruscous vines and an infusion of the seeded eucalyptus berry and leaves – all give a very loose woodsy feel but then weaving in the soft pastels of whites, pale pale pinks, richer pinks, then infusing the deep purple, burgandies, and reds….wow!  I actually think that this bouquet does a fair job of representing Jules herself and all of the interesting aspects of her…..from the lady like aspect, the earthy side, the sassy side, the traditional side, and even the wild hair side.  Those anemones (white flower that sits wide open with those dark black like centers) are just extraordinary and make such a contribution to a bouquet!

This photos let’s that touch of red in her ribbon and on her lips connect with the deep reds in her bouquets.

She had the cutest little flower girl – oh my goodness!

and her bridal party was beautiful too!  These are very smart bridesmaid dresses….great color, flowing material which will make them comfortable throughout the night, and they make a complimentary style to go along with her wedding dress style.

An early meet up – at least their hands met – made for a very sweet tender moment.

and we certainly know that Kyle is Mr. Right – sure is.

Love this photo of Kyle and his groomsmen with the tractor….and those sunglasses just exude ATTITUDE!

The flowers at the farm were still struttin’ their stuff even our sunflowers were still blooming in October.  A few ferns, some lanterns, and a good sign are great to welcome guests.

Sign and gifts were packed with all sorts of antiques and those with some meaning to it.  Jules’ brother (I believe that i am remembering this correctly) made this gorgeous “sign-in” sign AND the very unique handmade easel….it is a one of a kind production and so very unique.  These personal touches are so meaningful….and this is a work of art that she will keep forever.

Gotta have a woodland wedding in the grove.  We opted to add bunches of greenery to the chair aisles instead of putting flowers down the aisle…in fact….I like this look of a clean aisle more often than not so that as you look down the aisle towards the bride – that she stands out….and you don’t get distracted visually by flowers down the aisle.  We did add lanterns and ferns and such at the back aisle to set the mood….and Jules was in love with the idea of putting flowers on top of some hanging lanterns that would show up as a backdrop for her ceremony….so…..we got several hung up on the oak tree (no small feat with those limbs way up in the air) but they did get that pop of color that she was wanting behind her ceremony area.  Plus….she had a ‘tree planting ceremony’ which we saw several times last year.  Of course, a tree planting ceremony fits a woodland theme too…..gotta tie in everything but that one was easy.

The evening was laid back for all yet very classy and beautiful.  The pictures do a good job showcasing her style.  We looked for places to add that touch of moss and antiques were everywhere but the limelight was always on Jules and Kyle.  They looked so at ease with each other and her photographer, David Avant captured it all so well.  He knows his lighting and took advantage of it at every turn.

Speaking of lighting – he captured (and maybe manipulated) some of those light rays coming through the barn wood – it made for a very interesting effect – do you agree?  Not only did she have a gorgeous naked cake but also a dessert smorgasbord.  The dessert display was all laid out  over two very long tables with all sorts of my vintageware and unique dessert pieces (plus of course – tons of antiques) so it was a delight for the eyes both from a visual standpoint as well as a delicious standpoint….guests love love love a dessert smorgasbord.

Homemade favors……from Papaw and Donna. Guests had no trouble remembering to take home some honey samples and jelly samples!

The night time photos continued.  Each one is so unique that I gotta show you several of them.

All of these night photos just look steamy and romantic to me!  Each one is more awesome than the one before it.

And since the photographer was so exceptional with night photos…..let me show off some of the ones he took in the dancehall of my one-of-a-kind mason jar chandelier!

It was one of our stand out weddings.  Beautiful in every way – intimate with lots of family and friends just chilling out at the barn and bonfire during the evening – a laid back relaxed time.

Another dream come true – a happy couple have tied the knot in style – and marriage has been embraced and exalted!                                           ~ Margie