The Yellow Chair

  If I had known the end of this story – it would’ve been great to have taken some before and after pictures to show you as I told the story…so….I guess you will need to use your imagination.
  Months ago, one of Jill’s kitchen chairs was falling apart.  With so many projects at hand – hanging onto a crippled chair in hopes of putting it on the Hubby’s To Do List didn’t sound very practical – so she discarded it assuming it would head to the dump.  I likely inherited a chair fetish from my mother –  and I found some interest in this old tall spindled chair and I hung onto it for quite some time – thinking that I might find some use for it.  Weeks went by – maybe even months.  Finally, I decided that I would do some essential repairs – nothing fancy or professional but with some long screws and a drill…..we got it back in the shape of a chair.  Beyond that it was a pretty worn out chair. It needed cleaning and painting and likely re-upholstered – and that suddenly sounded like more than I could schedule.
  Then…it hit me – a plan of action.  I found some spray paint….a nice bright yellow….and sprayed it from head to toe…..and decided that I would make this into a plant stand of sorts.  Instead of upholstering the seat – I just tossed the seat.  I drug the chair way out away from the barn….out under the cedar tree along the driveway ….far enough out that nobody would really see it.  I put a plain old board across the seat and placed atop the board an old enameled pot full of flowers.  I thought it would add just a tad of color for anybody drying up…I wasn’t trying to hide it but it was just meant to be a glimpse of cuteness as you drove up.  Who would ever know that it wasn’t really fixed. Who would know that I put large hunkin’ screws in it instead of petite carpenter nails. Would anybody even notice it?
  Then….a photo gallery of wedding shots got linked to my facebook page. As I anxiously flipped through each photo – amazed at how talented these photographers are….I saw this unique photo.  Ahhhhh, I thought. I showed it quickly to my husband and ask “do you know where this shot is taken?”  He looked and pondered and mulled and eventually gave up placing it.  It was my yellow discarded chair.  It made a cute backdrop and was even temporarily “a chair again” for these photos.  It looked so cute and even helped to set the photo…it being an old spindle backed chair…it being yellow….and just all came together for a great shot and a funny story.
  It has not been the first time that some sort of “flawed” or “truly distressed” piece of the farm decor has made for a surprising but wonderful backdrop for this wedding venue.  It emphasizes that there is still beauty in some of the most unique and odd things that are out here….whether it is an old decaying fence post or patina stained barn wood or an aged old pear or even a discard