The Season Begins

   It is 10:30 p.m. the night before our first wedding of the 2012 season. Our day has been busy with the last of our lingering “To Do List.”  The weather has been ideal. That alone is amazing since this week has brought tornadoes to the Chattanooga area again. We were spared any damages whereas the storms were more north of us unlike what we experienced last year. Also – this spring has been warmer than usual so everything is green and our  old pears trees are blooming right on cue. Nothing like a wedding with a host of white blossoms permeating the venue. Spring flowering bulbs and forsythia are blooming too – all acting as if they have been on a schedule for this first wedding.  I, frankly, was concerned about booking a wedding this early in the year.  My motherly role took hold as I verbally prepared Ashley for the potential of inclement weather. March is an iffy month with gorgeous crisp days as well as blizzards. But it does settle me a bit to know that we have taken steps to control “the things we can control” and to let the rest be….just let it be.
   With the addition onto the barn and now even going the extra mile – we have added doors to the other two openings of the barn.  Now – the whole barn in essence can be closed up in case of inclement weather. In fact – last night, my husband and I headed to the barn to do a few things. We knew a storm was coming in but somehow failed to realize that it was almost upon us. We got into the barn around 8:30 p.m. and almost immediately we hear the rain start. We had already closed up the barn – all doors everywhere (a total of 9 openings actually)….and though I think it  rained cats and dogs…..the inside of the barn stood still. Yes there was still some air movement but there wasn’t any blowing winds… rain of course….the saw dust still….the lights glowing as usual….the sound of the rain soothing to the ears…we sat there on the church pew just enjoying the moment….pleased that we had taken the extra steps to close up the barn so that one way or the other…the barn would be able to host a marvel and worthy event.
    So – the barn is ready – curtains all hung. Our garden has begun its first plantings. Our blueberries are budding and it appears as though this could be a bumper crop.  Our raspberries has been moved so they can flourish. We will be beginning a row of grapes and muscadines this year too.  With our busy season – I hope we have time to can again.  If not… will be easy pickin’s for the kids to enjoy.  Our last set up goat twins were born a couple of weeks ago so spring must be around the corner. 
   On your mark – get set – go!  A good night sleep and I will be ready for tomorrow.  I want every bride to know that we have prepared specially for them…that we have taken steps to make the farm shine.