The Knot Posts One of Our Weddings – “A Casual Vintage Wedding”

vintage wedding

We are always tickled when one of the internet wedding sites pick up one of our brides photos.  We are especially thrilled when it is one as prestigious as “The Knot.”  We will hope in anticipation when the day comes that they cover us in their wedding magazine – glory be what a day that will be!  Yes, it is great to get the publicity as we get the opportunity to showcase our farm.  But it is icing on the cake to demonstrate how each of our brides – each of our weddings take on a unique flair all special to them – as it should be!  Each of our brides are attracted to the features of our farm and barn….and that part of it is the common thread but each bride visions it in different ways….whether in style (vintage, rustic, elegant), or in color scheme, or in vendors, or in location of the ceremony, and much more.  We love seeing the variety and for sure it is one of our “foundational pillars” to give our brides as much flexibility as possible so that she can indeed “make this wedding her own.”

turquoise wedding

Kelsey was certainly this type of bride.  She utilized so much of our freebie decor items but she infused many of her own touches here and there.  She had the most amazing influx of colors – shades of turquoise, blush, ivory, and white with that punch of deep rich red in her flowers.  Kelsey is blessed with natural beauty and she made a stunning bride in her elegant but vintage style wedding dress.

bride by haybale

Kelsey and Evan were that couple that seemed to enjoy every aspect of their wedding day.  If they had the jitters – I didn’t notice.  If they were consumed with the logistics – they didn’t let on.  They seemed to have as much fun as their wedding guest.  Kelsey loved the goats – as most seem to do…..making sure she got her photo with them too.

farm wedding


Be sure and follow the link here to the article on The Knot about Kelsey and Evans wedding to read their story about their special day.  Let me leave you with a couple more of their wedding pics here.                  ~Margie

bride dress on turquoise

wedding sky