The Farm Approach

  we are a family farm wedding venue – we are.  When we began this adventure four years ago, there were no pretenses.  Our barn didn’t have the sleek look of those yankee barns…there were no white fence lined driveways….no horse carriages parked in the barn.
We took the approach to embrace what we were which was a family farm….run by our family to yours….with a simple barn that we knew we could dress up.  It has been interesting – maybe a bit daunting – and often amusing to see so many wedding barns pop up since we began…places that struggle to find their identity partly because they are copying an idea instead of doing what they know.

   We have tried to approach each aspect of our venue as an asset –  – to restore what is worthy of keeping – to repurpose all that we can – and to keep those features that separate us from the pack – and to embrace the flaws as character.
   So we kept the old Milkhouse turned tool shed – painted it deep gray with some red doors – adding some Virginia Creeper vine on one side and an white blooming vine on the other side…and turned this eye sore into a quaint Groom’s Room but it also became a photographic opportunity that has complimented our grounds.
   Most contractors doing a renovation of an old farmhouse might take down the old discolored boards from the porch roof but we love the unique hues and distressed look that it brings to the porch.  Suddenly what was considered discolored now becomes an accent to some amazing photos.
   So we left some of the stalls as “stalls” in the barn and decided just to convert them – to something useful but to leave the general look of the barn just to remain a barn.  Somehow – someway – we converted two stalls into our Buffet Room….and with some funky repurposing of two chicken feeder turned pendant lights – another stall became a bar.
   We just carry on the farm theme everywhere we can.  My husband has always always maintained a garden so instead of just removing it and replacing it with a row of easy-care Crepe Myrtles was never an option.  Our garden feeds three households here at the farm and we usually have plenty to share to visiting friends.  Our garden, with its challenges, again seems to become an asset to the photographers.
   We do love our animals….I have always been an animal nut – cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, pigs, cows, sheep, even an emu.  I think it is something in my blood.  We did decide that pigs and weddings didn’t go together….so no pigs here except a metal pig in the garden.  But we do have other animals here and there.
   Strangely – other venues have begun to add goats to their property…but little do they know that we have special goats here at our farm….handled from day one – loved and carried around special goats – generation after generation – named and they come a-running when called… plain jane goat will do what our goats will do.

Even our horses are special….occasionally and when the atmosphere is just right – our horses morph into unicorns.  I suspect that our competitors will try to incorporate unicorns in their venues too.

  Everywhere you turn – there is a farm theme.  Our old tractor still sits by the garden.  Horse troughs turned into flowering troughs of sorts. Old haywagon turned into a sign in table. Wheelbarrow full of flowers. Wash tins as gift tubs. Our horse ring remains but turned into our cornhole and horse shoe game area.
   It appears to be a happy marriage metaphorically speaking – mixing the visuals of farm life with the elegance of a wedding. Moreover, our guests seem to have a good time.  We are who we are and we feel very blessed that each year a whole new batch of brides are choosing to share their day with us.  We will continue our farm approach – it is who we are…and we happy to have people come and enjoy it with us.Margie