THE DECISION:        January is a month of new resolutions and fresh starts. Daughter (and co-conspirator) Jill and I have been batting around this new idea for months -the “if we did’s” and the “what we could do’s” and the “why and why not’s” have all been chit-chatted about between each other and amongst the rest of the family.  I guess we see the possibilities more than the downside because it appears as though we are moving forward with this new idea – to open up our farm to weddings and events!  Thinking back, we really were surprised at how unique and extraordinary Jill’s wedding in 2005 turned out to be. The farm looked great – the visitors were all floored by the effect – and it was picture perfect in so many ways. So, to tackle the details once again will require a very long to-do-list, some money for repairs, lots of time for renovations, and plenty of sweat equity from any and all family members. Jill reminds me that “brides are picking their dates now” so the clock is ticking. With a slew of baby goats being born over the Christmas holidays and the weather turning out to be one of the colder and snowier winters – the challenge has just increased ten-fold. The barn is still full of hay and plenty of critters. Mucking out the barn will come in time for we still need the shelter of the barn. But the short days of winter and the colorless hue of the farm in January forces us to remember…..remember how green things turn in spring – that special shade of green that only comes from the spring grasses – the joy as our old stock of daffodils are the first to bloom in early February – and to remember the beauty of that summer day in June 2005.  Unfortunately – a newcomer to High Point Farms has no such memory. Luckily we have the pictures of Jillian and John’s wedding to show off. We have so many more ideas now than earlier. We have had time now to mull over our new vision and we see the possibilities. Even all of our friends and family may end up being a bit surprised at some of our ideas…but for now, a shout out to all of the family – “All hands on deck….” and let’s get to the list.  Build a door?…pull up a fence?…..clean out the tack room?…..let’s begin.