The Classic Southern Summer Wedding – Pics of Autumn & Evan by Jacquie Rives Photography

The day was September 5th – and by all accounts this was still a summer day.  The garden was in full bloom, flowers were strutting their colors, the days were warm and long and once again………love was in the air.

Autumn and Evan were that kind of couple that you had no trouble seeing on their faces how they felt about each other.  Not just smiles but there was delight….a twinkle in the eye.  Pictures do paint a thousand words.


Autumn was one of those brides that seemed to enjoy and actually relish each moment of the day.  No appearance of anxiousness or fretting but enjoyment.  She was intent in having fun and making memories all day long – and I think she succeeded. I am pretty sure that if the bride is happy on wedding day – likely everybody else at the venue is happy too!  Ya know, I think I like it when, as pictured above, the bride gets her wedding dress on without her bridesmaids around so they can come in and behold the site all at once.  So they can take it in all at once of the beautiful woman that now stands before them.

Autumn gave so much attention to the details of the decorating.  In fact, Autumn loves to decorate and coordinate weddings.  Likely one day she will have her own place and help make other brides’ day a happy and memorable one as well.  She collected vintage china for her reception.  She brought quilts for her haybale seating.  She had vintage tablecloths and even brought vintage teacups for a coffee bar.  She is a bride who knew what she wanted the details to look like and then enjoyed the time – the months of planning, prepping, buying, and even displaying them.  A girl after my own heart!  Her attention to these details surely was evident to the guests who came.  It was so “Autumn”… personal so her.

Everybody loves a good dessert smorgasbord and when it is laid out as pretty as this – it becomes a photographic gem to boot.  Does it all look scrumptious?

Jacquie Rives was her photographer and she was very generous with sharing her photos.  She took many detail shots that help paint the picture of the day.

Plenty of fun for all in the dancehall later in the evening with beautiful sparkler send off at the night’s end.

Another photo gallery that was way too difficult to select just a few.  Let me finish with a few of my favorite portrait shots of this beautiful bride, her fortunate husband, and of their classic southern summer wedding.

These photos are good enough to be submitted to one of those online wedding sites.  I hope that they will be.  Either way – they will make it easy for Autumn and Evan to remember this special day….and it lets the rest of you feel as if you had been there as well.  Thanks for sharing the photos and for making our farm look so good!                ~ Margie