The Bride From Japan

  We are constantly amazed and honored by the vast number of brides that are so in love with our venue – our concept – here at HP Farms. We have a large metro-Atlanta market along with our local girls but then we are branching out to brides beyond.  Augusta, Charlotte, Knoxville, and Nashville brides have come from afar to secure a date to create their fairy tale wedding here with us.  We have begun to get a few that are even further across the country that even those.  In fact – one of our early August brides was a girl who was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and wanted to come back to the States to get married.
  The groom was stationed on the West Coast. The mother lives in West Virginia. The bride went to high school south of Atlanta. Various family, wedding party, and friends would be flying in from various locations across the country any way….so she wanted to have her wedding where ever she wanted – and she like us best!
  Memorial Day weekend was my first email inquiry from her as she proposed the thought of securing an early August wedding.  Obviously that meant that the wedding would be 6 weeks away and it meant that she would be securing the venue site unseen.  Beyond that she was wanting Jill and I to decorate and prepare the venue for her.  The task was now set and plans were being made in hopes for all things coming together for a wedding, celebration, and a family & friend reunion – all in one.  The bride had my website to rely on with ideas. A quick questionnaire helps us decide what type of decor she leaned towards. Mason Jars, burlap, vintage china, mason jars for drinks, southern tea and lemonade in decanters, the cast iron tub full of bottled drinks of all sorts, ideas swirled….Calls to the florist and mapping out a plan…the clock was ticking.
  Her mother had her list knowing that her daughter would not even come into town until the week “of” her wedding. Vendors secured, dresses selected, friends stepping in to help….the day arrived.
   All the loose ends seemed to come together. The bride and her girls were stunning in their dresses and so looked the part!  The official photographer was even a friend of the brides from high school…so….The photos below give a hint at the fun and sass from these girls – you could tell that they had been friends forever.  The guests including the groom, his guys, and his family – flew and drove him from all sorts of places. But they partied hardy and celebrated the love of this sweet couple.  All who participated were glad to be a part of it. The photographs only gave hints of this fairy tale story….and I just was so excited with it all I thought it was worthy for a blog….a story that just may go down as one of  our more special ones.