Table Decor

  Each bride is different from the next; her whims, her dreams, her fancies, her creativeness, her resources, etc.  So too is each wedding different – as it should be.  Even though we definitely have a specific genre – the weddings just seem to take on a bit of the tempo  of each unique and special bride – again, as it should be.
  So many choices for the bride – maybe too many choices.  But….her table decor becomes a bit of her own flair.  Does she like vintage things?…..books?…..nature?……quilts?………tea cups?……watering tins?…..etc.
I thought it would be fun to show off some of my favorites on the table decor.  So many of these table toppers could be posted on pinterest….they are cute and easy and creative.  Maybe it will give our future brides some ideas.


This was cute from the Ashley/Clayton wedding early this year.  She starts with a pitcher full of water full of lemons (to mimic lemonade) and then fills with flowers.

On the left are actually artificial flowers but they look real – can be done ahead of time and last forever….plus they were done so cutely – with the spanish moss in the bottom. 
Above is a very rustic earthy approach yet very elegant.  Simple flower display but with mounds of real moss makes this an unusual combo – but boy it works.
These (top, bottom, and to the right) show where a mixing of several items gives a neat effect but all “in theme.”  A touch of flowers in some old bottles with some candles, lanterns, and old mason jars….plus a touch of lace!  The log rounds always give an extra dimension to the effect.
The neat trend is that each table doesn’t have to look just like the next one.  Yes – stay in theme but one table can have a burlap square and another a log round. One grouping on a table can look somewhat different than the next.

Finally – one trick of the trade on table decor that is worth noting.  For the bride who knows how she wants her tables to look…you can make plans early to have it “your way” yet give you time to be the pampered bride on that special day.  What you do is this!……At the privacy of your home prior to your wedding day…..set up a table decor setting just as you like it.  Take a picture of it and put the picture along with all of those items into a box or brown paper bag and label it “Table #1″…then proceed to the next table.  This can help you organize ahead of time plus let your busy bee helpers set up the tables without fret over how it will look – they can just follow the example in the photo.  So….bride can have it her way…without having to do the work!  Yeah!