Summer Wedding of Allie and Alex by Soli Photography

Allie was not unlike many of our previous brides where their life was very busy and hectic and yet they wanted to squeeze in time for a magical wedding. Weddings just require time and lots of decisions, but fortunately,  Allie had a good mentor and friend, Meghan, who is a professional photographer with years of working the wedding scene.  When Allie had shared the good news of her engagement with Meghan, beyond the congratulations, an insistent Meghan assured her that she would happily handle Allie’s photography then proceeded to give her a line up of various vendors  that would be helpful picks for Allie.  We were honored to have been on top of the venue choice!  All of these suggestions and advice was a God-send to Allie who had much on her plate and no real appetite to gruel over too many decisions and details.

Allie had actually been the babysitter for Meghan’s daughter for many years and many of those assignments had been while Meghan was shooting photography at various weddings.  Not only did the relationship grow between Allie and Meghan but also a close knit bond between Meghan’s daughter and Allie which made an easy choice to include her in her bridal party.

In fact, I was so sure that this little “Junior Bridesmaid” was dreaming of the day that she would get to the bride.

I was asked to handle her decorating and with a few exchanges of pinterest photos and emails, I was able to garner a good idea of what Allie was hoping for in regards to details and decor.  Allie was happy to hand over the reigns with very little check-ins.  Half of my brides that I decorate for are just like Allie….they want to give that broad picture but feel quite relieved not to have to make decision after decision.  Allie wanted beauty and simplicity all packaged with subtle accents of lavender.

I always try to find ways to personalize the decor….and also to find interesting ways to infuse her theme or her color.  In Allie’s circumstances, when I found out that her dad use to be a postman….and in fact….he used to be a postman for our part of the valley (wow – what a coincidence!), so for the gift/card area….I used my mailbox for her cards…..just to fit her to a tee….and added more bits of purple to the table.  Allie brought her scrabble tiles as part of her sign in – a very cute idea, I thought.

Allie certainly looked like a princess on her wedding day and though she initially seemed to feel unsure about it – by late afternoon, she looked so much more comfortable in this new role.

The picture above is one of my favorites…it just seems to show off both Allie’s and Alex’s personality.

This photo shows how comfortable they are with each other – great friends….perfect recipe for a marriage.

The day was a beautiful summer day and Allie’s photographer, Meghan with Soli Photographer did an amazing job capturing the day.

What an adorable little flower girl.

They were on top of the hill…..literally and figuratively.  May it always be that way.


~ Margie