Summer Evening Wedding Tonight

  Oh, what a night.  The sky was clear.  There was a slight breeze in the air.  The temperature was warm but pleasant.  The bride arranged for a 7 p.m. wedding.  The farm was prepped and ready.  The garden was green and impressive.  The venue was set – and all it needed was a bride and a groom.
   Stacy and Jesse were married tonight at the barn.  From all accounts – verbally compliments, visual affirmations, and a happy bride and mother of the bride – everything turned out wonderfully. 
   What a great group of people this wedding was.  A mother of the bride who had a wealth in friends who came out to help decorate and prepare for this celebration…..and oh, how talented and creative this bunch was.  Cute cute stuff……old wooden boxes, neat old bottles, hydrangeas and such, burlap and quilts….loved it all. 
   Of course a great wedding needs a beautiful and sweet bride and Stacy certainly was.  From head to toe – she radiated beauty and I think she smiled non-stop the whole evening. Blue Vinyl Photography was the designated photographer – he is an amazing artist and we have been a fan since he came last August 2011 and blew us away with his vintage film and unique take on things.  We are quite anxious to see his production again.
   I will attach a few of my i-phone pictures which will have to suffice till the expert photos come in from Blue Vinyl.