Stephanie and Casey by Bri Sanders Photography

Meet the bride, Stephanie.

Meet the groom, Casey.

Stephanie had lots of girl time in the farmhouse and totally enjoyed the whole prepping process.

Bri Sanders, the photographer, thoroughly enjoyed the photographic process.  All photographers will take the bridal gown somewhere and take some shots of just the dress…but I think these were very artistic in their placement… of my favorites.

As pretty as the dress was hanging in the window – it certainly did look prettier on Stephanie.

And this shot in the doorway – well… just takes a bit of attitude.

They had a very large bridal party.


Casey tried has hard as can be to stay cool and keep his emotions in tack….but these cool dudes were determined to have a fun day and keep things “light” for Casey’s sake.

Stephanie had a smile on her face all day long…from beginning to end.

Stephanie, like many of our brides, have a  “thing” for our goats.  So…..this photo back drop was perfect for her….and the goats came up for a pose as if on cue.

But……despite Casey’s hesitation – Stephanie wanted her “goat in the arms” shot too.  He was a reluctant groom but happy to make his new bride happy……….but you can see all of these expressions in this photo.

It was a beautiful day at the farm with flowers blooming everywhere.

Stephanie wanted farm flowers for her tables and for down the aisle.  We have morphed into a flower farm so it was easy to accommodate her wishes.  Nothing prettier than a mix of fresh, straight-out-of the-garden mixture of flowers.

Even her bouquet was unique and colorful.

But those heirloom Cock’s Comb flowers in the background were hard to compete with.

These hillside shots are always stunning – with Lookout Mountain towering over the valley.

And the tree tunnel seems to create more of the intimate magical romantic shots.

The festivities went on through the night.

Family and friends had a grand ole time.

And as usual – it ended with a final kiss while the sparks were flying!

love the photo grand effects on this one………….but I love it even more the expression on the newlyweds’ faces.  This is the look of  l-o-v-e!                                                                  ~ Margie