Spring Is Here

    Spring is here but in so many ways it doesn’t feel like it.  Yet – the grass is neon green, the daffodils are blooming, perennials are peeping up, pear blossoms are debating a bloom event, the garden is filled with lettuces and broccoli plants, and our projects list has been mostly completed.  And – it is wedding time. 
   First, the projects.  We are anxious to show you all our improvements and additions.  As you look at this barn picture – you can see the rainbow over the barn…what an awesome miracle a rainbow it is….it amazes people of all ages.  You can also see the gravel pathway that we have created from the farmhouse (as well as from the new vendor parking area).

     As you approach the farm on Parrish Lane you will notice two sign choices – vendors and guests.  If you are a caterer, DJ, or the bride….you can drive up the driveway towards the old farmhouse.  The new post by the pear tree helps direct you to continue on towards the back of the farmhouse where there is a parking area with signage – one for caterer – one for DJ – one for our bride – and one for “unload only.”  This new approach allows the vendors to be busy with their unloading without clogging up the loop up around the back side of the barn – mainly for your guests.  Also – as you approach the back side of the barn – we have moved the hitching post out just a bit….showcasing it a bit better.  We have extended our gravel sidewalk around out to the drive….please don’t drive on this – this is just to be used as a walk path for you and your guests.
    We got the grass green, flowers planted and displayed all over, added many new flower areas like this old funky watering trough full of flowers, and yes – the red rooster is hiding amongst the daffodils. 
     And of course – the best sign that Spring is here – new baby goats.  Lulu produced triplets 6 days ago (day after St. Patty) with these adorable babies; O’Mally, Patrick, and Clover.
    So – we are ready for the brides and ready for another year of wonderful weddings.  Let’s go!