Spring and Summer Brides Share Their Photos – Part 3 (Kate and Will)

   We are excited about all of our brides and try to treat them special.  That said – some of our brides and their weddings just stand out.  For the brides who share their wedding photos – I create a folder and pick a slew of my favorites to share here and on facebook.  This helps me to remember each bride and to relish their weddings.  A picture does paint a thousand words.  Some of our weddings just stand out amongst the pack of others….and there are many different reasons for these that shine extra bright.  Sometimes it is the story behind the scenes….sometimes it is the unusual circumstances of the wedding…sometimes it is just a friendship that develops between us and our brides…again….many different reasons.  Kate and Will’s wedding is one of those stand outs.

   Kate had a thousand ideas and details that she had planned…all thought out and on paper.  She saw in her mind how things would look – how the tables would be set – the flowers – the day – no detail too small.  Yet with all of our back and forth about implementing those plans – she was always cheery and pleasant and never over-bearing.  She embraced the day when it arrived and had fun just being here….enjoying each and every moment.
   Photographer Jimmy Phillips with Perfect Capture Photography is a repeat vendor.  He has an eye for staging which produces some unique angles and views.  We are always tickled pink to see his galleries and never surprised if they are picked up on wedding blogs for display.  We are appreciative of his generosity…..as well as making our venue looks so good.
   There were so many fun moments at this wedding, i.e.  Hilarious shenanigans from their singing groomsmen, dancing bridesmaids, and the singing bride……rip roaring dancing on the dance floor….and the newlyweds sitting by the bonfire with friends at the nights end.
   Ultimately – this is a wedding…and it is the love and passion and dedication of the bride and groom for each other….that if we are fortunate – that it spills out with abundance for all of us to see and to be a witness to.