Spring and Summer Brides Share Their Photos – Part 1 (Maggie K.)

   I am always excited – virtually giddy – when the gallery of photos from our weddings are shared with us by brides or photographers.  We are honored to see them and grateful that we can share them with you and often use them on our website.
We are affirmed by our brides that they appreciate how we, as part of our approach and philosophy, allow our brides to make this venue their own by using their own vendors, by being able to script their day as they see it, and create a look that is their vision.
Let me share photos from Maggie K.’s wedding earlier this year.  Maggie’s wedding was a destination event as she lived in Florida. What made it more complicated was she is a career woman with lots on her plate and after the wedding, the newlyweds were moving to the northeast.  Honeymoon plans would have to wait.  Decorating emails were passed back and forth so we could create the look that was “just so Maggie.”  She was an easy going bride to deal with and the day turned out beautiful from every angle – as these photos will show.

    Maybe there was some camera magic going on here but wow….what a sky!  And….look at this happy couple.  Maggie was stunning in her dress and the groom looks relaxed and delighted!   Photos by R&K Photography.
  The goats are always a hit especially when their is a baby kid to hold.  I am always amazed at the circle of guests that will surround me as they patiently (and sometimes impatiently) await their turn to hold the goat and snap a few instagram photos of them with the “kid.”  Goat kisses….these two (below) seem to have been attracted to each other.
  This old tractor has seen many-a-fields in her time.  If she wasn’t such a loyal hardworking companion to the farm – we would’ve traded her off by now…but she plugs along and can maneuver into places that our larger John Deere wouldn’t even try.  Somehow though…she does make for an interesting photo op…as this one demonstrates.