Sophisticated (Andy & Melody – by Joe and Selah Photography)

The wedding of Melody and Andy took on a different vibe from the get-go. Both had input on all aspects of their wedding day – which I admit isn’t typical but definitely not rare.  It was easy to see that this wedding day would be planned different than most.  Each vendor – each detail was so purposeful on what they wanted – a simple but very sophisticated event for a close knit group of family and friends.

Melody wanted to come enjoy the farmhouse – being pampered for hours and hanging out with her best friends.  Your wedding day should be just as  you like…so that at least one day is fully your own.

Andy did very little primping – he always maintained a very stylish look no matter when I met up with him.  He is a photographer – can’t remember if by hobby or by profession – so he is definitely into the “details” and his role was to browse around to make sure that all of those details were just so.

The reception was an elegant event.  It was a farm to table type meal where guests remained at their tables and servers brought them bowls of specialty foods to pass.  The tables were simply decorated with a variety of greenery and white flowers in gold vases.  The touch of fern stem on the napkin always adds a stylish flair to a table setting.  The family style dining just encourages more conversation between the guests as they pass the food around the table.


Melody’s wedding gown was a simple a-line gown but had this elegant beading on it.  With her slender body, she looked ready for the runway.  Those beautiful and intricate buttons lined up in the back always look stunning.  She transformed into the princess she always hoped she could be.

The wedding ceremony was simple and intimate – no foo-foo streamers or hanging mason jars – just embracing the beauty of the grove and a touch of greenery on the chairs to continue the theme.  Andy was overwhelmed at seeing Melody coming down the aisle (love it when that happens) and you could tell that he was so wanting to please her with each detail of the day coming to fruition.

Photographers Joe and Selahhttp://( were new to the farm but they too enjoyed their day looking for unique ways to showcase the dresses, shoes, programs, rings, and more.  Then after the ceremony, we were off in my golf cart to venture a bit further for some special photo ops.

And….surprise, surprise….you can never be to presumption about people.  Guess who wanted to take a picture with the goat?

Yep – it was them.  So even a simple and sophisticated event can include a baby goat picture…because on wedding day – you want to have this day just as you have dreamed it….and more.