Simple Rustic Elegance Visually Defined – Wedding of Savannah and Tyler by Caressa Rogers Photography

One look at this couple together and you know that it is going to be a special day and a special wedding.  Even this photo alone shows such a range of emotions; love – yes, but joy, tenderness, affection, and gentleness.

The day began as most do – with the bride being primped and prepped at the farmhouse.  It is amazing how words on a piece of paper – a sweet love note from the soon-to-be husband,  settles any bit of nervousness of the day and creates such powerful emotions.

Having access to the full farmhouse gives plenty of room for all to dress but gives that bit of privacy to gather your thoughts and to enjoy each little detail – like slowly and methodically lacing up the back of the wedding dress – isn’t this one gorgeous?

You would never know that lurking under this beautiful bride and her elegant wedding dress is a pair of these funky cowboy boots – love’em!  Likely most people never knew but something about wearing cowboy boots under the dresses (here) seems to add a bit of sas.

This wedding just seems to paint a very visual picture of what “Simple Rustic Elegance” is.  Since a picture paints a thousand words – seeing this gallery helps with the description.

Simple in a slew of ways.  Her choice of table decor was mixing some of our freebie decor with a few specialty pieces of her own.  This kept the costs down but added not only a touch of her color but this alone – gives another picture of that simple rustic elegance.  What is more simple that repurposing wine bottles?  Rustic with that little touch of twine and burlap votives.  Elegance with the shimmering golds and touch of lace….and they weave the looks together so easily.

This was a fall wedding and her colors of rich burgandy are just magic especially that time of year.  She was bold enough to think outside the box for her “down the aisle” decor/flowers.  These white pumpkins laying in a bed of seeded eucalyptus leaves again add a very simple touch but unique and kept it classy.

Her photographer, Caressa Rogers has such a creative eye….she sees magic where we see thirsty parched hay stalks.  She did several photos here and to my knowledge – she is likely the first to……and it “so” works.  It feels as though they are out in the middle of nowhere….and though it was a bit of a trek….it was on the farm.

This one is my favorite.  I don’t know if Caressa gave instructions to each and every girl here but they all are doing their own poses….somehow they morphed into models in this shot.  Just see the confidence and attitude in their faces?  Some bouquets up and some down plus they just seem to be enveloped into the haystalks….amazing!   Love this one!

Speaking of Caressa for just one bit….she is one of our “preferred” photographers and has been shooting weddings here for four years now and she impressed me then and she continues to wow me.

This is one of my favorites from 2012.  See how she just can set up a shot – and take a unique angle plus get some attitude from the subject.  There are so many things right about this photo… get the rich colors going on in the barn door contrasting with the brides dress with a straight on glimpse of the fiance “in waiting.”  Icing on the cake is that you can see facial expressions of the groom ever bit as much as the bride – who is having a grand ole time with this cat and mouse game of “get close but don’t look.”

So when i see this sort of shot show up in the gallery from Savannah and Tyler’s wedding – I am floored.  This shot is also full of depth and interest.  Not just the greenhouse but the balance of the patch of lilies on one side and the weeping grapevines on the right but it infuses the drying Cock’s Comb flowers that are her burgandy color – both in the greenhouse as well as beyond in the background.  Somehow it also gets the barn in the background plus front and center…it shows the powerful moment of Savannah taking Tyler to the walls with her kiss.

As earlier stated, this was a fall wedding and we had some gorgeous days last year with color lingering everywhere.  The light was just right hitting on this couple in the procession.  We could almost let them both be in hair commercials with this one….

There is something very symbolic about taking a picture of a bride and groom on a road because wedding day is certainly putting them on the road to a new journey.  But this couple seems quite content to take the journey as long as it with each other.

Even the kiss after the ceremony when Savannah is now his wife – Tyler is so sweet and tender with his new bride.  And – while the guests seem quite happy and content with the food and with the conversations – Savannah and Tyler are in their own world.

They had a beautiful naked cake – as they call these.    So, I suppose you could then call this a cake boudoir photo?  LOL!  Again – the angle of the cake and the mirror and the reflection all come together to make an extraordinary photo….and again…..the mix of a log (a symbol of rustic) and the simpleness of frames and mirrors adding to that this gorgeous cake with beautiful flowers showcases this reoccurring theme of simple rustic elegance….and it all works.

But – they didn’t just have cake….they also had donuts….and why not.  What is there not to like about having a slew of donuts at your wedding?  Obviously the groom was all in on this decision so he was quite happy.  They also did a cute job of displaying them.  I don’t know who did it but they put several dowels in some barnwood so you could see them all…and it actually mesmerizes you, a bit, doesn’t it?  You can even see the slight puddle of glazing on the board at the very bottom of the stack.  If they are Krispy Kremes – I think I could’ve eaten about 3-4 of ’em….but didn’t.

And did I mentioned that they not only had some donuts….but they had bunches of donuts in all sorts of flavors.

And in case you didn’t fully understand exactly how many donuts “a slew of donuts” were….this third photo shows it.

As dusk approaches and the lights start to put on their own personal show, the photographer grabs the newly weds and heads out to capture the ambiance.  Which of these three do you like best?

You can’t argue that these old vintage chairs (or couches) don’t just add a certain unique flair to a photo that nothing else can.  It is grand to know that there is renewed life and interests in these granny chairs….but again – the unique design and the cool fabric on these vintage finds is nothing short of awesome.  I think I need to build me a new barn – just for storage….and I would stash it full of interesting furniture pieces like this one.

Their first dance here on the rock patio as if they were alone to the world but of course they are not.  The onlookers are just beyond them and the string lights only add more dazzle to this photo.

The dance of Savannah and her dad is special too.  You can easily sense the deep emotions in this one.  Him holding his dear little girl close to him… more time, with her hang pulled towards his heart – you just sense he is playing over and over in his mind the many years that took them her birth to now….his little girl is married.  And as intimate of a moment as this must have been for them – you can sense that their guests felt it as well as they stand in the distance and silently watch this special moment.

The sparkler send off was as beautiful as they come and it was a great culmination to such a special day and wonderful group of family and friends who had come to rejoice and celebrate this union.

Congratulations to Savannah and Tyler for showing us a glimpse of what love is and letting us be a part of this day.

And to all of the MOB’s and MOG’s (Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom) who hear that their daughters want to get married at the farm ….don’t fret and think that they are going to have a “Hoe-Down” sort of wedding but likely… the wedding of Savannah and Tyler show us, that it will be much more like a simple rustic elegant event that will help make this a warm and comfortable day with all of the classiness of beautiful dresses and table linens and stunning flowers..and it all just photographs so dang well!

Thanks to Caressa Rogers Photography for sharing so many of these photos with me.  I knew it was going to be difficult to pick a few…and I kept saying ‘one more, and one more, and one more…..’ but as you can see – these are extraordinary which means that you not only dazzle us with them but you have given Savannah and Tyler an irreplaceable gift that journals this day in living color and makes them feel like they were living a fairy tale.                                                                                            ~ Margie