Showing Off a Few of My Favorite Pics from Lacie’s Wedding – by Taylor Fricks Photography

Stunning shot – likely the first one behind the farmhouse.  This brick patio area has these very very old “handmade” bricks that age wise are about 150+ years old.  This patio is behind the old farmhouse with purple Butterfly bushes and fuchsia colored Cox’s Comb flowers blooming right and left…..moss covering the bricks and old picket fence – all these little attributes help this photographer capture this vintage flavored shot.

This black and white photo of Lacie in the barn doorway – love it!  It surely helps to have a great  figure like Lacie has  but wow – what a great photo.

This is another amazing photo with the wild blend of colors from the browns in the patio rock and the crazy colors in the barn doors.  Great pose here and yes – great kiss!                                                                                                                                                        ~Margie