The Season Began – Wedding of Allie and Ian by Eden Photography

Our winter break seems to fly by, both because it is filled with holidays and with a long projects list.  As Spring peaks through from Winter, the anticipation of our first wedding builds.  We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our wedding season than with this beautiful couple, Allie and Ian.

March weddings are always unique from any other month for many reasons.  The air has this amazing crispness to it and the sun’s glow hits your face with this tenderness like no other month.  Early spring flowers are peeping out here and there but the grass has this intense hue to it that no one else fully receives.

Allie and her mom (below) enjoyed prepping at the Guest House instead of the Farmhouse.  With the spacious Great Room with lots of natural light coming through all windows, it made for a perfect location for all things primping and prepping.

While the girls were busy doing their hair and nails, their photographer meander the grounds taking all sorts of detail shot of the farm.

Even in mid-March there are vines climbing the edge of the barn and early blooming flowers taking their turn showing off.  A great photographer searches out for the best ways to showcase the brides attire.  Matching Allie’s beautiful blue shoes with this vintage and quite distressed table made for a great match up.  I think she did a great job staging the dress (and dresses) in the yellow room below…picture perfect!



The guys hung out at the farmhouse.  Great shot of Ian sitting at the window contemplating the events of the day.


Back at the Guest House, Allie is making final touches and looking stunning as can be.  Again, this angle is staged perfectly with Allie by the window, all of the vintage ware behind her, and her bridesmaid’s dress coordinating with the distressed floors below her.  I could this one being right out of a bride’s magazine.  Beyond the talent of the photographer, you can see the Allie is enjoying the process – as she should!  Relish the whole day – girls – it flies by so quickly!

These beautiful blue dresses just pop out on this picture – lovely!

These guys just know that they look good.  I love it when the ties match the girls dresses.

As the preacher leads the way to the ceremony spot – Ian shows no signs of hesitation.  This is the relaxed and happy face that a bride wants to see as she comes down the aisle.

Ceremony under the arbor and our well-trained goats have gotten into perfect position as backdrop eye candy.

Don’tcha love it when a man takes charges of a situation? That is a kiss to remember.

The united families seemed quite pleased with the union.  Guest were treated with delicious food and cake.

The Horsering turned lonely once the music in the dancehall geared up.

And – it all culminated in a grand sparkler send off at night’s end….this time back in the horsering one more time.  Plenty of sparks flying with this couple – for sure!

~ Margie