Sampling from the Wedding of Natalie and Josh by Daisy Moffatt Photography

Quite a few of our weddings are planned and implemented with little of my involvement.  We are all about our brides scripting this day as they see it and that is using their own vendors if they like instead of our recommended ones…..or decorating for their layout themselves instead of hiring me.  This means that I am not always privy to stories behind the scene and such.    Jill has a fair amount of contact with all of our brides as she handles most of the initial tours, secures payment, goes over their layout design with them, and meets & greets them on wedding day to answer any questions and get their day on track.  But Jill would be pulling her hair out if she had to “b—l—o—g” about anything, as she has stated before….so the Farm Blog is me and my ramblings….and I love to share these beautiful photos with my silent audience.

One case in point is Natalie and Josh.  I don’t know any details about their wedding day or funny stories about their engagement.  I was fortunate enough though to meet them after the ceremony and whisk them around the farm in my golf buggy so their photographer, Daisy Moffatt, could capture some extra amazing photos a little bit further away from the venue….as many do like to do.

So, I did get to meet them and see the chemistry between them….which so easily shows.  Fortunately, I see this often with our couples – thank heavens!  It is really so heart warming to see….a giddiness about them when they look at each other and pose for photos.  Somehow there is always that twinkle in their eye and a genuine enjoyment of “being together” that just is there for all to see.  Quite refreshing to witness and I never grow tired of witnessing it.

One of our favorite places to go is “in” the tree tunnel.  From both ends, it just has a neat effect and just pictures so darn well.

Natalie’s wedding dress was so beautiful….love the way that the fabric just flowed.  I am not up on my bridal dress terms but it looked like a gown that a Princess would wear.

These last five pictures above are from earlier in the day when they had their ‘reveal’ and I always think that there is something to be said about letting the bride and groom have this special moment in private first (private along with their photographer, that is…..).  By having this moment in private, it allows Josh to fully have this emotional response when seeing Natalie in her wedding dress…..and let’s “them” experience this special time without being in front of an audience of 100-200 guests.

Lots of good photos on the hill.  Even pictures on the road seem so symbolic….for marriage is certainly a new path and it is a journey that they will take together…..and it begins here today.

Even these black and white photos have a cool effect about them.

This is certainly my favorite picture of the gallery.  Again, this is the tree tunnel and Daisy staged this one well.  With Josh in the background chatting with the horses, he still has his eye on Natalie and he seems to be enjoying that view from the back!

I am always thankful that most of the photographers gladly share many/most/all of the photos of the day.  It is very generous of them and I always try to remember to thank them.  I always tell them that I will post some of the photos and “let your talent in your photos speak for themselves.”  I am happy to give a forum for our photographers to be noticed by the next group of brides.  A picture does paint a thousand words and each of these photographers have their own sort of look about them.

Daisy Moffatt Photography is another one of our photographers who has been with us for many years.  She enjoyed several brides this year “here” so it was good to connect with her more.  Each gallery that she does for brides, is unique even to each bride.  The galleries don’t mimic each other so it is refreshing to see that she approaches each wedding uniquely.

I am pretty sure that this burgundy – wine color that her bridesmaids are wearing was the ‘it’ color for 2016.  We saw the trend and love it!  It just pops in pictures.

The flowers were nothing short of stunning.  I love how complex and intricate and full of texture and a variety of colors it all was.  Kudos to their florists (sorry – I would acknowledge them if I knew who they were).

Now that is a kiss.  That is the way to do it, Josh!

And it ends with a sparkler send off.

~  Margie