Roxy and Matt – by Nashville Wedding Collection

Meet Roxy.  She is from south Texas.  This was a destination wedding for her.

Matt and Roxy – one of a kind……and so was there wedding.


Now this is what the upstairs Queen Suite looks like as it waits for the bride.

This is what it looks like with a bride and a slew of her best friends.

Now take a look at this awesome and very unique wedding dress…….and shoes.  Oh my!  One of a kind!

Wedding in the grove…..and a cute little flower girl to make way the brides appearance.

Here comes the bride

And….this is the expression that you want to see when you are walking down the aisle.

But………once the ceremony was over, a storm blew in.  Everyone took cover into the barn to eat.  Once the storm blew over and dinner was complete, both Roxy and Matt braved the wet dewy fields to find some magic in the fog…….and wow – did they ever find it!

I told Roxy, “no bride wishes for the rain….but this fog – you can’t order this….this will be pure magic, just wait and see.”  I had seen the creativity of The Nashville Wedding Collection and knew that they would produce something amazing and they did.

And kudos to Roxy who was game for the risk…..the risk of walking through wet grasses and even mud; for laying in the wet red clover field; for taking off those stunning stiletto shoes and running around barefoot.

And kudos to Anthony at TWC for having the nerve to whisk away this couple into the dreary fog….but look at these photos!

But back they went to their guest and continued on their merry evening with cake and dancing.

This vintage truck belongs to Matt….it is his baby – his project baby….that he had shipped up from Texas just so she could join in on the festivities and make for an awesome getaway vehicle.

It ended with dazzle just as it began.                                                                            ~ Margie