Riddle-Ma Riddle-Ma Ree, I See Something You Don’t See

farm kitchen expanded kitchen

I have been busy in project mode since late January turning the brick house on the farm into On-Site Lodging plus “Day of Usage”.  The home was my late mother’s house so this process has been a very emotional yet therapeutic process.  I am on the home-stretch with a finish target date of Memorial Day – May 25, 2015.  There are many of you who have been anxious to see the progress and I am now ready to begin showing some teaser photos and revealing some of my results.

lounge seating areas

I am really unsure what sort of decorating category that this house now fits into…..eclectic to some degree, yes…..rustic for sure since I have infused so much barnwood…..and there is certainly a farmhouse twist.  Rustic chic?…Eclectic Farmhouse?  If you have an idea – leave it in the comments section.  I think I have certainly championed words like repurposed – reclaimed – renewed – and restored.   I love it when brides tour the barn and farmhouse and state “wow – it is like pinterest has come alive in this place!”    I wanted to think outside the box with each aspect of it. I definitely wanted a more open concept so that I could create a lounge effect where there were several areas where various groups could mingle….yet all open.  I used walls purposefully and if I had to have a wall – I open part of the wall up. If I could re-use some feature – I would but revamp it in the process.  If I could reclaim materials for a different area – I would.  I love old distressed wood and furniture as this demonstrates Working on a dime is a huge motivator so it does allow me to ponder unique alternatives and venture down that DIY road into pinterest heaven.

open concept

It is actually difficult to see the journey because I am not showing you a before picture.  The house was very traditional with everything closed in as they did things. A kitchen with a separate room as a dining room with a separate room as a den then a separate room as a parlor.  Opening up walls increased the light which I love in this design choice.  Using old barnwood, old tin, salvaged boards and furniture pieces and even doing some unique lighting was total delight.  The lights below over the bar are minnow bucket pendent lights.

TV room Minnow Bucket Lights

The Master Suite upstrairs is almost finished too.  I’ve got curtains to make and some decor pieces to add but the king size bed does look inviting if I don’t say so myself.  With all of the neutrals in the house – my color of choice is turquoise which has been added here in there in several shades.  I guess you could say that it is a marriage of sorts…..lots of the masculine with the barnwood and the chocolate browns coupled with the feminine of the turquoise and the farm/cottage chic decor.  Maybe the brides will opt to take over the Guest House and send the guys to the farmhouse – who knows.

open concept

As I stated before, I am not through yet.  Many details that require attention plus adding some interesting items to the walls plus downstairs we are adding new carpet, painting, and more.  The clock is ticking but I did want to show off some of the progress.

Mimi’s Guest House can be used in 3 ways.  First – Day of Usage is the automatic first step.  This allows use of the house for prep (bride or groom or family) – for lounging – for a relaxing place to let your parents/grandparents to hang out during the day – to have more space – to watch TV – to have a place to nibble snacks, etc in a fully air-conditioned house.  Day of Usage means that you don’t mess up the beds or use the showers/towels but you have the space and it can be utilized noon through 11:30 PM.   Then if you need to use it “also” for lodging – you can add on the Master Suite alone for lodging….or you can add all of the bedrooms sleeping a total of 8.  If anybody is interested – just call Jill for further details.  Availability after Memorial Day.             ~ Margie