Renovations of the Past and Renovations to Come – Part IV – The Final Countdown


   A renovations novel was never my intentions.  Our winter projects took on a life of their own and they have consumed all of our available moments for months now. We are finally on the home-stretch.  Our first wedding is April 4th – just over a month away…5 weeks to be exact and we are on schedule.
   Our best photos will come as our spring weddings approach and our amazing photographers will capture each bit of detail that we have so painstakingly created.  It is evident that my talent is not photography as I sift through my cell phone snapshots for this blog but hopefully you will get a glimpse of our efforts and see the metamorphosis come to life over this next month and beyond.
   The Dance Hall is a 30 foot x 36 foot addition onto the existing barn. It has windows on all sides.  We have collected old barn wood from far and wide (it seems) for it was important to have the authenticity of the old weather wood continue throughout our facility.  We hope that it blends in with the rest of the barn and though we have altered some of the layout of our garden area to make room for it – it has opened up opportunities to do some exciting things with this side of the garden too.

   The Dance Hall will be air conditioned (or heated as needed) which will make this a delightful addition for any of our summer weddings. Just having a room to refresh in will be a benefit.  With windows all along the inside wall – separating the Dance Hall from the main interior part of the barn – guests can have the option of sitting at their tables and watching the dancing while still able to have a conversation – but not foregoing their option of watching the activities in the next room.  The angle of the photo above  is looking north into what use to be the raised bed area but now is the new addition.  The large windows will let some look out and some look in.  The old galvanized horse trough will be over flowing with flowers.  A backdoor and ramp will provide an additional exit.  Plenty of lighting has been added too to allow plenty of outdoor mingling into the night time hours.
   We love our funky doors and we have added another beautiful weathered red door to our collection.  We are just now beginning to work on our landscaping.  These few warms days tempt us to put out all of our plantings but we will take it slowly as the frost can still be lethal.  We have peas popping their heads out already in the garden.  We have garlic already 6-8 inches tall.  Broccoli, lettuces, and cabbages are in the raised beds and loving this weather.  We have rosemary and lavender already up and bushy.  Blueberry bushes have been transplanted and all of them have buds ready to bloom soon.  March is planting time for so many things and we will utilize this time well.  Colors begin to take hold and the farm takes on its role quite nicely.
   We have added an old gate and official walkway so that guests can feel like they are welcomed “into” our garden.  On one side will be our blueberry bushes, garlic, rosemary and lavender and on the other side will be a trellis of sugar snap peas.  Guests will enjoy their stroll through the garden.  We have a bit more planned for this area too so you will be a bit more surprised when you come for your visit.
   The inside of the Dance Hall is almost completed.  One more day from the A/C company to complete the construction phase.  We have strung lights this week and we LOVE the new effect that it has.  Sorry for the photo that doesn’t quite show it but it will dazzle you when you come.  We also created a neat chandelier.  I was inspired by the latest Footloose movie scene where they had a slew of mason jars hanging from the center of their barn…so with that inspiration – we took our own slant at it…..hanging from a large wooden wheel at the center of the wood beam.  The minilights come from the outside coming in towards the chandelier.  Again – the walls are wood planks…from floor to ceiling.  The floor is concrete and slick enough to boot scoot and boogie.  We have a few decor projects that we are working on which again – will be one of our few lingering surprises once you come visit.  This addition should make a wonderful large room for your DJ to have his speakers, give you and your friends plenty of room to dance, and allow some seating in the back – all while any non-dancers can watch the activities from the lawn or from the barn….and as we stated…you can dance the night away in comfort now!
   And…at night it shows the beauty of the lights twinkling inside.  I can’t wait till our first wedding – it is almost time to boogie.  Now – where are my dancing shoes?
   Do you know what this is?  Any country folk reading my blog?  This is an old timey chicken feeder – before plastic.  Well – any idea what you can do with an old chicken feeder?  Take some of the parts out of it – drill a whole in the bottom of it – attach a pendant light – yep – create some really funky lights for our new bar.
   Yep – our new inside bar located across the way from the caterers  room.  Two great pendant lights hanging over a bar well suited for your bartender to be able to stash his tins of wine or kegs of beer – hiding some of that clutter – and giving a cute and rustic bar with two windows (other side) that can open when the Bar Is Open.  This still leaves the option for using the Pear Patio for drinks but maybe it will be best used for non-alcoholic drinks while leaving the bar to hide the clutter of the boxes of wine or tubs of ice.  Either way…it provides more options for our brides…and we love doing that!
   So for now this is the end of the sneak peak at our major renovations.  There are bits of other little projects that we have been working on – we have been busy bees all winter long – making improvements that we are hopeful that you will be delighted with.  Our faithful followers get the sneak previews first and we thank you whole-heartedly for being faithful…but I would love to hear from  you.  Please leave a comment and share our blog and our facebook page with your friends.  We are still a relatively unknown commodity and the networking media has a huge potential chain reaction for us.  We are a unique venue and not necessarily a perfect fit for all brides but we would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves to them so that they can have the option to choose us if they do love us.  We look forward to our 2014 weddings and hope to hear from many of you soon.  Take care and God bless.   Margie