Remembering Another Spring Wedding

Each year in early Spring we begin our wedding season.  The warm sunny days that pop in and out of our weeks during March let us know that wedding season is just around the corner.  We usually are coming off of a busy winter with our long projects list and are welcomed by the emerging neon grasses that greet us each spring.  It is just a color and hue that is hard to imagine but when you approach the barn it is the first thing that jumps out at you.

Even as Spring fights back some late frosts, the winter rye finds its stride and puts on a display for all to see.  Trees are beginning to bud out and even they add a feathery wisp of color to the palette.  Tulips begin to pop up and as if in concert – so do a list of other bushes and flowers begin to peep again. Our garden is alive all winter long with something growing and even the decorative cabbages know how to put on a show.

Each year we always have brides inquiring about spring weddings and ask “what is blooming” and “is it warm” and “would it be beautiful”….and though the temperatures can swing up and down….our spring weddings just seem to stand out – partly because the colors of the bouquets and the colors of the bridesmaids dresses have less competition.  The colors seem to pop off the page when you see them.  I think back to a wedding of Aubre and Dane in early Spring 2014… beautiful it all was.  Let me share a few highlights… by the talented Our Ampersand Photography.

Local girl snatched her an Alaskan Man’s Man.  A collision of two different worlds that came together to joyfully celebrate the union of these two beloved souls.  Her soft soft blush pink wedding dress was so stunning and unique but oh how it complimented her hair, her skin tones, and her personality!

Their wedding reminds me of that favorite wedding sign that states, “Once in a while in an ordinary life – God gives us a fairytale.”   There’s sure seem to fit the sign.  The dogwoods beginning to bloom and the coral honeysuckle vine touting its blossoms and even the crispness in the air all came together to “take your breath away” as you saw her come down the aisle and listened to their vows.

wedding dress hangs

Spring is a beautiful time of year for a wedding – especially when love is in the air……and a wealth of family and friends to share it with.

thinking of alaska

Take a look at their video and experience a taste of it yourself.  Credit to Limestone Films.

For now…..I will remember this beautiful wedding and wait impatiently for the photos and videos to trickle in from our 2016 spring weddings.  ~ Margie