Relaxed, Laid Back Wedding Day – Meagan and Ben by Daisy Moffatt Photograhpy

To decide to get married….and then to get married should be a solemn and serious decision and commitment.  That said, there is every reason in the world to try to aim for a relaxed and laid back wedding day.

Wedding day should be just as you want – whether that is being pampered by a hair dresser and make up artist in the farmhouse Bridal Suite or by having your bridesmaids help you have fun decorating the venue or by chilling out on the couch with your BFFs laughing and sipping wine.  Wedding guests should be your closest friends and family – those who love you and want the very best for you unconditionally.  You shouldn’t have to feel like you are doing a performance but rather create this day as a “I won the Lottery celebration.” Make it real – and make it you.

Wedding day schedule should give you plenty of time to take a slew of pictures – if you wish….or to hang out with guests during appetizer hour instead – if you wish…..or to have a Mexican Buffet for your dinner food – if you wish…..or to have Key Lime Pie and cupcakes for your dessert instead of a wedding cake – if you wish…..and to change out of your wedding dress after dinner into comfortable attire for the last part of your scheduled events – if  you wish…..and to sit by the bonfire listening to a musician strum the guitar instead of having to dance the night away – if you wish.  So, think outside the box and embrace the traditions that are important to you, but then, make a few of your own and determine to craft a wedding day that will indeed be relaxed and laid back.  You have already picked a venue (us) which will certainly encourage this atmosphere but it also requires you to be purposeful in your decisions and in your attitude.  But if you can determine to do this – you will not regret it…and when the bride is happy (and relaxed)….then everybody (groom and guests alike) will also be happy.

That said – the wedding of Meagan and Ben was just that way – very laid back and relaxed.  Though many of those details that I mentioned were more advice than factual about Meagan’s wedding – actually several of those were indeed true.

Meagan is a very driven – detailed – organized accomplished business woman who had lots on her plate building up to her wedding day, but that did not stop her from being very purposeful in what and how she planned her special special day.  Smart decision number one….she picked The Barn at High Point Farms…yes, yes, of course…funny ha ha…but really – her decision was in picking her vendors very carefully so she could entrust them to be the professionals that they are.  Plans and choices still have to be made but you don’t have to toil with it over and over each month…you can then delegate so that you can enjoy the day.


Meagan and Ben actually got married at a neighboring community church called Cove Methodist which is a post-Civil War church that still has much of its charm and old-fashioned ambiance.  After the ceremony, everyone headed to the farm for fun and food while the bride and groom took pictures all over the farm.


Appetizers of one delicious choice and more, special juice box drinks for the kids, hayrides for young and young at heart, cornhole to play, haybale sofas to relax on, feeding the goats as entertainment, and be dazzled by Romeo (our visiting Love Bird)….everybody was happy with so much to do giving Meagan and Ben guilt-free time to splurge with ventures around the farm.  My golf buggy took them in all directions around the farm and with the help of Mother Nature and Daisy Moffatt Photography – got some beautiful and fun and very romantic photos to last a lifetime.  I love these two (next)…..oooh, la la – what a kiss!  (It even got the goat’s attention – LOL!)

A quick wardrobe change for Meagan, an intimate first dance on the stage, a delicious spread of foods by caterer Events with Taste, and a very talented singer musician, Karen Waldrup, who serenaded the audience during dinner – it was a memorable evening from almost every aspect.  Mayflower (florist) brought the flower arrangements in the wood boxes and HP Farms embellished the tables with fairy lights and with natures bounty of all-things-fall.  The senses were on cloud nine with our bellies full of roast beef and cheesey macaroni… colorful flowers, leaves, and pumpkins on the tables and the mini lights draped overhead, and the sound of a very talented artistic singing familiar melodies like Jolee….what a night.  We all felt fortunate to be there with love being celebrated of two awesome people and knowing that so much thought had gone into making all guests feel doted over…and the night wasn’t over with yet.

Pies of all sorts, caramel apple bar, sweets as favors for all, S’mores by the bonfire, and more singing by the fire by Karen….all while sitting under the crisp fall twinkling night sky.  People chatted and listened and ate and sometimes sang along with the songs.  It was like having our own personal concert.  Each lingering moment was relished as the night’s end approach.

Meagan and Ben were so much fun to watch.  They certainly adored each other and that spark of passion and love was certainly on display for all to see…but they were so comfortable with each other and that too was so great to see.

So their path continues on.  We got to be part of it and that becomes history for us all….them with us and us with them.

So night does come and the wedding day celebration ends…..guest leave, tables and chairs put away, decor is packed up, doors closed and lights turned off.  As exhausted as we are at the end of some of these weddings and as achy as my back and feet feel….there is just a huge feeling of being blessed….blessed to be part of such a wonderful and special day for two extraordinary people whose life has intersected with us.  Turn the lights off….time to drop into bed.                                                                                       ~ Margie


p.s.  Karen Waldrup, the singer/musician, was not only talented and very generous with her time….but she is acclaimed in that she was on the TV show “The Voice.”  She is living in Nashville and is surely a rising star.  She is still currently and potentially available to do a repeat performance here at the farm….so if anybody wants to go above and beyond….consider her.  Here is a link to her facebook page and music video that she actually recorded here on the farm by the Milk House.

'It Matters to Me' Faith Hill tribute by Karen Waldrup​

'It Matters to Me' Faith Hill tribute by Karen Waldrup

Posted by Country Rebel on Thursday, November 10, 2016