Rachel ~ Jeremy Photo Gallery by Demure Dragonfly Photography

  I just love these photographers who are quick with their photos. It seems like smart business sense but apparently it isn’t common. So – brides, take notice – this one very quick.
   Let me start off with saying how delightful this bride was – Rachel.  She seemed not to have a care in the world – she was happy and cheerful from early in the morning as she was assigning the layout of the barn to getting ready at the farmhouse to the ceremony and to the pictures.  I feel confident that she had a smile on her the whole time. 
   Demure Dragonfly Photography did a spectacular job.  I guess I just can’t say it enough how impressed I am with these quality photographers.  I combed over the pictures and I want them all!….I try not to be greedy with the photos that they allow me to have and use for my website…but Crystal did such a great job – that choosing was a challenge.  Proof is in the pudding – I always say.  In fact my vocabulary is full of cliche’s and colloquialisms so I hope I communicate well enough to you all who aren’t from the south. But – a good picture speaks for itself, so let me present some of my most favorite.  Be sure and check out the facebook page too as I will try to post some different ones there too – spread the love. 
   And – remember…..I love feedback….please post a comment.