Projects Are Completed – We Are Ready!





we had a very very long list of winter projects to complete between November 2015 and March 18, 2016.  We can now proclaim that our winter projects are completed and we are ready for our first wedding tomorrow.

back of barn pano


It certainly helps that Mother Nature has given us a couple of beautiful warm weeks.  The lawn is green and the trees are beginning to hint of color.  We have added extra lighting to the back of the barn and revamped some of our landscaping too in order to accommodate a side window to the bar room for appetizer hour uses.

pasture pano

The sky is a beautiful blue today and many pear trees around the farm have begun to blossom.  I think this has been one of the prettiest years for the Bradford Pear trees as well as our farm pear trees.  This panoramic view comes from the angle of the large tin trolley doors at the back of the barn and looking north into the pasture.  The pasture off the left – the arbor down towards the pasture – and our new entry off to the right.


new entry


The new entry to the back of the barn gives a better perspective of the barn plus it gives a bit more space between any vendor unloading and your in-coming guests.  Besides having a logistic reason for its layout – it has a birdhouse area, our horse trough full of flowers, and an old sitting bench.

front pano

We have left no area untouched.  The farmhouse is primped and ready.  Ferns on the porch – flowers in various pots – and the lawn mowed just so.


ring and barn pano

Fresh mulch – Yellow Forsythia bush blooming – and even our blueberry bushes here and there are full of blooms.


barn pano

raised beds

Our farm is full of perennials that come back year after year and they are already popping up and coming to life again.  Queen Anne’s Lace is popping up all over the farm already – it will be no time before those lacey blossoms will be everywhere.  We have planted meany of our annual flowers like sunflowers and celosia hoping for an early appearance this year.  We have got raised bed number one planted with broccoli, cabbage, lettuces, and onions.

rock patio


Another winter project was our pear tree rock patio.  We have always loved our flagstone in this area but it has now been re-laid into concrete for a much cleaner look.  Love it!  We still have our garden areas on each side of it and it already is full of life with Lamb’s Ear, Grasses, Queen Anne’s Lace, and white Allysum.

pear blosoms

If you look closely you can see the white blossoms from our old pear trees blooming.  Our first wedding tomorrow will look as though we have painted the farm in lace because of so many pear trees all in bloom.


Inside – the biggie was concreting the floors.  They have that acid stain that gives it a truly antiqued effect.  We are very happy with our decision to concrete them though we debated back and forth for quite some time.  Women with their open toed shoes will forever be grateful to us.  No more little boys shuffling their feet in the wood shavings stirring up a dust cloud.  If you look closely at this panoramic photo, you can tell that we opened up more of the barn at the pasture end.  What use to store chairs, the decor room, and the bar – is now opened up for additional seating.  Our funky olive bucket pendent lights hang as chandeliers over our barnwood tables.  The bar has been scooted to a new home (far right) and it is actually being referred to as “The Watering Hole.”  Decor room is still available – it just has a new location.  There is actually a very long list of little things here and there that we have added this year which you may or may not even notice.  It is usually our “regulars”….our photographers typically, that seem to notice everything that we do since they too give attention to details – they just seem to notice.  grove ready


We worked all winter long to prepare for our brides.  We truly hope that all our work will bring many smiles to your faces.  Nature has been good to us this spring with lots of moisture and warm days.  The grass in the grove is such a beautiful hue of green – almost neon.


Tomorrow is the big day for our first bride – Leah.  Rain is expected tonight but will taper off by mid-morning.  Just enough rain to water all of our new plants and flowers.  What an exciting year ahead.  We are blessed and look forward to each and every bride.                                  ~ Margie