Pictures are Beginning to Trickle In

   There are a lot of vendors that come to The Barn at High Point Farms and we do try to meet them all but for sure, I do try to make contact with the photographers.  The photographers are the story tellers – the history writers of each couple and of each event.  The days swirls by so fast and hectic for at least the bride (and often the groom and even the family) as the day’s timeline starts like a train on a track building speed as it goes along a specifically designed track. So, pictures become the key to full remembrance and even a better appreciation of that day – as this remembering is free from the frets or stress or nervousness or busy-ness of that day. Plus – key is to get a good photographer who can capture the emotions – can see the personalities of each couple and photograph it – and even at some level – to paint a more divine picture in photo than reality was.
    I not only enjoy getting to see these creations but often marvel at the magical ability of these photographers who can transform the ordinary into stunning masterpieces. Surely even the photographers flip through the line-up of photos and are awed by those handful of special stand-outs. We hope our photographers are submitting those special stand-outs to various wedding blogs and sites….we wait in anticipation for The Barn at High Point Farms to be highlighted in some of the “must see” internet sites.
   That said – one such photographer – our first out of the shoot this 2012 year is photographer John Shim who photographed the Clay/Ashley wedding on March 10th. He was generous with his photos and I will share some of my most favorites here.  I still am amazed at how these photographers can come away with their own unique “take” of these weddings and how individual each wedding looks – it pleases me to see this! 
Our Great Gatsby (the cat) always has to be in the thick of things – that is why we lock him up during the wedding….but somehow – this seems like a priceless photo!
Cute – Cute – Cute!  The hay bale seating is a chore – hauling out hay bales from the barn but it just gives the ceremony area a unique and laid back feel to it. Ashley used a variety of materials as toppers – nothing expensive, just laces and light print material….and of course, these paper flowers were adorable and added just the right vintage and homemade touch.
Every groom should look this happy on wedding day!  You could see the light glowing in Clayton’s eyes!  What a beautiful and happy couple they make.  If this photo had been in black/white – it could’ve stepped out of the 1930’s.  What great photos, John Shim.