On-Site Lodging

life comes in phases and so do projects. As one door has closed, another door opens. 2015 sees changes that will provide more options for our brides and their day.
With my mother’s passing in fall 2014, it has presented a decision over what purpose I had for her home.  We have reviewed our various needs and have come up with a solution and a game plan.

We are going to begin some pinterest inspired renovations and plan to offer, beginning August 1, 2015, the use of her home – a.k.a. Mimi’s Guest House – for either Day-Of-Usage and/or for On-Site Lodging.  One of my infamous cliche sayings is “kill two birds with one stone” and this two-option approach should provide several trouble-shooting options worth considering.First, let me paint a picture of what is to come.  Currently the top floor houses a kitchen, den, dining room, parlor, half-bath, master suite and master bath.  We are opening up the floor plan and taking out walls to create a large great room with various seating areas, eating areas, and lounge areas. I want to create a cozy lounging space for your family and wedding party.  I plan on photo journaling the metamorphosis of these renovations. I tend to think outside the box and I am anxious to put a new twist on the traditional home. Pinterest here I come.Day-Of-Usage:     Noon to 11:30 PM

1.  The Groom’s do indeed have the Groom’s Room which we have nicknamed “The Man Cave.”  We call it that because it fits the image a bit.  But – again, sometimes the room is popping at the seams with groomsmen, fathers of the bride and groom, officiant, ringbearer and more.  By having the option to Add-On the Mimi Guest House just for Day-Of-Usage means a much larger and more comfortable hang out area for them.  Wide-screen TV, Wi-Fi, lounging area, sectional sofa, eating areas, and fridge – you get the picture.
2.  Now think of parents and grandparents. Inevitably, they come early in the day whether out of curiosity, or because of a convenient ride, or  the need for early photos.  To have access to a climate-controlled house to let them retreat to so they are both comfortable and not under-foot, well….you get the picture.
3.  Often there are bridesmaids or family members who have infants. When they come early, for the reasons stated above, there is no good way for them to fit in the hubbub and chaos of the farmhouse. Breast-feeding or laying them down for a nap in a pack-n-play can make the remainder of the day become feasible.
4.  Pizza anyone?  With so many of your crew or helpers coming at noon, the likelihood of them wanting a snack or to order pizza  becomes increasingly possible.  Having this wide open area with a variety of comfortable seating options gives a great place to chow down some lunch without creating a mess in the barn as its being prepped for the Main Event.
5.  The Farmhouse is meant for Bridal preparation area only.  The guidelines for its usage is to fully vacate by 8 p.m. and leave it as you found it .  Most of our brides (and their maids) have their bags packed up and moved out just prior to leaving the farmhouse for the ceremony knowing that time will be limited to come back after the ceremony with the timeline busy with other activities.  With opting for Day-Of-Usage on Mimi”s Guest House, any and all bags, purses, etc. can be moved into that house.  This also helps if there is any need for changing clothes after the ceremony – either for your girls or for the bride.


On-Site Lodging Too:1.  Option two is adding the On-Site Lodging along with the Day-Of-Usage. Having an on-site sleeping quarters for your parents, grandparents, and others – up to 8 where you can easily crash at the night’s end….steps away….surely will be convenient.  Grandparents often cannot easily drive after dark so it makes it much easier for them to have this as an option.
2.  Maybe your Matron of Honor or sister has an infant.  Having a bedroom downstairs with a Pack-N-Play to  put the child down to sleep earlier in the evening will open up options to stay longer.
3.  With bedding for 8, it becomes convenient and even economical to add this lodging aspect.Mimi’s Guest House is not meant to become an “after-party” location.  After 11:30 p.m., all guests who are not considered an occupant should vacate the farm.  It is not to become a work-station for your caterer.  It is not meant for unattended guests nor for unsupervised children.

   So – let the renovations begin. I will update when there are pictures to share.    ~ Margie