Nothing Like a Great Band to Set the Tempo

With wedding season well into gear already, we have had two great bands perform here at the farm that are new to us but will be included in the Vendor Suggestion Page.  There is nothing like a great band to set the tempo for the party “after” the celebration.

Tonight, Top Tier Band out of Nashville, made a great addition to the festivities.  Their music has ranged from Blues to Disco to Motown to the Oldies to current…..and they make the transition with ease.  They sang very appropriate lounge jazz type music during appetizer hour and dinner but kicked it up a notch to woo guests to the dance floor.  They have hit all genres of music which keeps the dance floor full of guests from all  age-groups.  They have great energy and can shift it fast and slow….keeping it fun without alienating any one group.  What more can you want?

Top Tier Band has a facebook page and a website  ( so check them out and give them a repeat performance here at the farm.

And….last weekend we had the pleasure to listen to the 9th Street Stompers out of Chattanooga.  Putting a label on this group was a challenge so I looked up their website to see how they described themselves.  It says, “a little gypsy, a little hillbilly, and a little rock-n-roll” which is a great description.  It was certainly a bit more laid back compared to tonight but such a delight to listen to.

The bride and groom who hired 9th Street Stompers was wanting to create a very casual lounge effect for their wedding day celebration where people were often in and often outside, sitting at tables or standing by the high tops, or comfy on the haybale sofas by the bonfire.  We actually set the band on the stage and opened the barn doors and though we are often nervous about doing so – for fear that a band’s bass will echo throughout the valley with reverberations…..we had no qualms about allowing this group to commandeer the stage.  Their type of music was real and authentic and they didn’t need to blast their sounds through huge speakers….it was the very best of both worlds.  It gave a very comfortable easy-going effect and with a little sas.  Guests could still converse and talk with each other without feeling like they were having to talk “over” the band and often….the music was just so darn good that people would just stop talking and e-n-j-o-y the sounds.  They easily sang some songs “to dance to” and the rock patio turned into a quasi dance floor….it was magical.  They, too, have a website.  What a delight to top off an awesome wedding day with great music – a treat for all of the guests….so…..please – PLEASE – book one of these bands and let’s go for round two!

~ Margie