New Rustic Arbor


We have a new arbor on the property that will give our brides another option for their ceremony site.  We pondered….we imagined…..we considered our options and our locations…..we debated over our materials and our vegetation choices…..and we now have built this very beautiful and rustic arbor situated on the northeast side of the lawn.  Cedar logs were our “post of choice” since we wanted a real natural look for it – no railroad ties or 6×6 chunks of lumber would do. For the top, we even found some moss covered log limbs.   Dimension wise –  The posts are about 11 feet apart in the front and it is almost 5 feet deep from front post to back posts.  We have Confederate Jasmine vine planted on the posts which produces beautiful white blossoms later on.  Being a southern girl, I just love to say “Confederate Jasmine” – love the way it rolls off of my tongue as I stretch out each syllable.  The vine has been tickled to have all of this rain – so surely it will begin creeping up the arbor before long.  We also planted groupings of river birch trees on either side – ya’ know the kind that have the chippy bark?  We still have a few grasses to plant but that will be done this week.

We wanted a real woodsy feel – not only in how it was made but how it was situated.   This location will also photograph well with the sun being in the totally opposite side of the barn as well as the shadows of the lane beyond the arbor.  We can’t wait to see our first bridal shots utilizing this new feature but for now….here are our two pics to help you imagine whether this location would work best for you.  We still have our portable distressed white pergola that can be set different places but this arbor will be a wonderful authentic alternative to it.  This allows the bride to make that grand exit out of the large tin barn doors which again photographs so well and have a woodsy feel to her ceremony.