New Purchase – Barn Wood Tables

We have purchased three barn wood tables for the barn.  I love them!  Real old barn wood was used to make these.  In fact, their history is that a wood-maker made them for a friend’s wedding from wood that came from a dilapidated barn.  The farmer whose barn they came from had lamented at the loss but was excited to know that the boards would be used for something as fine as a wedding table.  So, the wood-maker made many of these for his friend’s country rustic wedding in the mountains of northern Tennessee.  So, to purchase these tables from a man who created them out of love for a friend-  to now us who can use them to celebrate more marriages and love – well… just seems fittin’…

These tables are not examples of fine craftsmanship…these are very primitive tables where the beauty comes from the old wood itself.  We purchased three of them thinking that two of them would make great head table options and maybe the third could be set out under the pear tree to accompany the whiskey barrel bar to hold the decanters and such.  Of course, the options are numerous and it just increases our collection of items that you can gently use and rearrange.

We do ask that you be sensitive to the thought that washing off Barbecue Sauce or cake icing may be a bit difficult seeing that the boards are worn and porous….so it may be that other folding tables would be a better choice in certain circumstances.  That said…..using these tables bare with some doilies or runners or scrunches of burlap would be cute….and even laying a vintage lace tablecloth over her so to get the benefit of both – board and lace…sounds good too.

These tables are about 8′ long and how wide?…..yes….I guess I will need to measure that.  But we can’t wait to see them decorated and photographed (professionally by some of our guest photographers) so that we can present some better photos for you.  But for now…these few ipod pictures will have to do.  We still are on the look out for a few special pieces of furniture….to compliment our facility…..if you have something to suggest or offer – let us know!

Till next time,