New Options For the Farmhouse

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  The old vintage farmhouse has always been an integral part of our farm venue. It sets the stage for being a farm where people live and a way of life began. The farmhouse which was built before the Civil War not only shows off an era that we now refer to as “vintage” but it demonstrates that “there are good things that do endure the test of time.” It helps bring together the feelings of timeless beauty and adds the ambiance of a family homestead.

   Giving the front room to our brides was an early decision that we made knowing how important it was that a bride could have a nice place to prepare.  We often state that “brides love to get married in a barn but that don’t want to get dressed in a barn.”  My daughter, Jill, and her family made the sacrifice to give up some of their privacy and allowed our brides to take over the front room of the farmhouse.   This not only gave our brides a place to dress but a way to stay separated from the groom that day if they wished. Little did we know that our wonderful photographers would capture the most amazing photos in and around the farmhouse. We have enjoyed seeing the different ways that the farmhouse has added to the galleries.
   Most of the farmhouse is original.  During our gentle and prolonged restoration process, we tried to save every viable board and feature whenever possible.  If you look on the underside of the porch ceiling, you will see a very distressed but exotic shade of turquoise that is common to see in very old farmhouses. They say that shade of blue helps to deter bugs.  Who knew?….we kept it because we loved the unusual coloring.  We have added decor here and there and much of it has more meaning than you would imagine. There is an old barber’s chair that sits on the porch. This belonged to my grandfather when he was a barber in the James Building in  downtown Chattanooga oodles of years ago. When he closed up shop, they kept several items and we think of “Papa” whenever we see it.  Jill refurbished the seat on it and it too makes for some grand photos.  Even the white picnic table that sets on the sidelines is a picnic table that my parents purchased when they first got married (early 50’s).
Last year, we added a restroom so that our brides could have their own (and Jill’s family could actually retain their bathroom without interruption).  This made more convenience for everybody.  We added it on but kept the style in theme so that most people have no clue that it isn’t part of the original house.  Tongue and groove boards painted in a distressed turquoise matched up with an old dresser turned sink and some vintage hand towels – well, it made for a nice addition.  Who knew that it too would be used in photographs.
   The Bridal Prep room is more than a room.  We have it also decorated in theme to give a very classy but vintage flair to things.  It is, admittedly, an interesting mix.  Their are splashes of intense colors everywhere – to make a vivid backdrop to photographic wedding dresses. We have some old vintage chairs which came again from my grandparents (pre-Depression era) where they set up house and obtained a couch and a “his and hers” chair. These have been in my mother’s home until we confiscated them for our bride room. We took a third chair and had it reupholstered into mis-match of fabrics and I love it. Anyway…the room is so inviting and makes getting dressed in such a place even more exciting – if possible.
   New changes are now coming to the farm and this will open up some new options for our brides.  Jill and her family will be moving out of the farmhouse in early fall and will be living up on the knoll above the farm in a cabin built by my brother.  This will now provide an  Add-On option for our brides to rent the rest of the main floor of the farmhouse for a more convenient upgrade.  The additional rooms include a large great-room living/kitchen area and a full bathroom.  This great room has updated kitchen appliances set in a vintage era cabinetry.  In-between the rooms is a large brick fireplace that is a focal point of the room.  The bathroom has an old cast iron tub (with shower capabilities) along with a cute dresser-vanity.
This Add On may be considered for the bride who has a large wedding party and needs more room for her girls to prepare in.  It also allows a nice comfortable place for the parents and grandparents to lounge in prior to the ceremony.  It is also an option for the do-it-yourself family who wants to come early to decorate then will find it convenient to take a shower prior to re-dressing.  Some brides have shown interest in having an early bridal luncheon of sorts utilizing the kitchen.  The farmhouse will not be used currently for lodging (overnight) but with the other added benefits – it will again give some desirable features worth considering.
If you are interested in this option – it will likely be available sometime this fall for any of those current 2014 brides who may want to inquire about it.  We are currently in the process of creating some guidelines for its usage, but feel free to check in with Jill if you are interested in it.
This also would be a good time to mention another change.  Many of you had followed our purchase and renovation of the Bluebird Cottage which we were intending to use as a guest lodging option.   We did have a crazy but fun time restoring  the home and prepping for a pinterest-inspired guest lodging for our brides.  We soon realized that the Bluebird Project fell into the category of “A Great Idea but Bad Timing.”  Basically, having a guest lodging facility is a great idea and the Bluebird exceeded our expectations but the timing just wasn’t what it needed to be. With Jill and her family moving and my  elderly mother needing more attention – we felt a bit stretched at the newly acquired upkeep and maintenance that would be required for such a venture.  Our weddings and our brides are our first priority and until we get to the point of hiring on extra staff – we felt like we would be over-extending ourselves to keep up the cottage while also preparing for our weddings here at the farm.  So we are in the process of selling our cottage and we will revisit this idea hopefully sometime down the pike when different circumstances play out.
Back to the Farmhouse Rental Add-On….the two choices that we will provide are: 1. Add the “rest of the day” time option which allows you access to the venue from 8 a.m. thru 11:30 p.m. and this will also include the use of the farmhouse (both the Bridal Prep Room as well as the full downstairs of the rest of the farmhouse) – limiting the use of the farmhouse  until 8 p.m.  ($800)  or   2. If you do not need the extra time but still would like the expanded facility use of the farmhouse, then you may add the use of the farmhouse from your original start time through 8 p.m. ($300).
We will add some pictures at some point but for now – it is something for you to ponder.  I hope our faithful fans enjoy the evolving changes that come to the farm and our venue.  We started with such a humble barn and have continued to reinvest and improve our facilities t0 provide more and more options for our wonderful brides.   Life is a crazy ride sometimes with twists and turns but we try to learn to enjoy the journey.                Margie