Music To My Ears

  We have been giving tours virtually every month (and most every week) now for twenty straight months. We have gotten pretty good at showing off the farm and explaining our features and options. We get pretty good at spotting those brides that love us as well as those who should likely be looking elsewhere. If the bride is asking “can the barn be air-conditioned?” or “can the animals be put into a different pasture?”….then we are pretty sure that what they are envisioning is not us.
  On the other hand, when the bride steps out of her car and her eyes are instantly dazzled…we have a pretty good clue. When she says “oh, I love it that it is a real barn”….then we have a pretty good clue.  When she seems to notice every little piece of decor around each and every corner and takes a photo of it…..then we have a pretty good clue.  And…when the mother hugs me after the tour and tells me “how wonderful – this is what she has always wanted but I didn’t know if we would ever find it…” then we know we were meant for each other.  These are words that are like music to my ears – I relish them.
  One such bride was wed this past weekend – Kaylin (to her now husband, Andrew).  What a precious and fun wedding it was. Such careful and thoughtful planning went into this wedding – more so than most. It wasn’t the most lavish but it was so well orchestrated and thought out – each details – each vendor – each aspect.
  Highlights included:
1.  The band was friends of the family
2.  A warmer cabinet full of cigars for the men was brought
3.  A popcorn bar provided yummy popcorn with self-serve options for various flavors
4.  Vintage china was used on the tables
5.  A homemade Lemonade Stand/Bar was brought and set up – making for cute visuals as well as a practical way to serve a wide variety of drinks
6. The caterer brought cute benches for the ceremony layout
7.  A “horse-ring full” of corn hole toss games created a festive game atmosphere
8.  Various “food-stations” were set up around the barn area giving guests plenty of traffice flow and quick access to a variety of foods.
9.  Lots of homemade and personal touches for decor on the tables and about – like large scrabble tiles spelling our BAUGH or “B’s” burned into wood boxes in cute fonts.
10. A frozen custard vendor brought some delicious flavors for all to sample.
11. Our rustic chandelier was adorned with roses, baby’s breath, and glass beading that created a pinterest ready look.
12. a dessert smorgasbord of sorts including fudgey brownies, dipped cake balls on a stick, specialty cookies, cupcakes, and more.
  The day couldn’t have gone any better with the weather cooperated for this August wedding. Family and friends came, played, celebrated, danced, ate, enjoyed, and left. As the mother of the bride was beginning to leave – she was gracious enough to come to bid me good bye. She went on about what a wonderful day it was – a dream come true for her daughter and how so many guests had told them how wonderful the wedding was and how pleased they were with our venue, etc. etc. etc. We cherish these compliments and know that our hard work had paid off ….each time we hear these sweet compliments.  But…..this mother of the bride continued on. She said words to me that I won’t forget. She said……..”You want to know what the saddest part is?…The sad part is knowing that when we leave here today after this wonderful day – that we will not be coming back to the farm.” and she then hugged me.  What a sweet and generous thing to say!
  We both realized that we had become a part of each others lives….ours with hers as we created our little Love Ranch that set the stage for her daughter’s most special day.  Hers with ours as she gave me a gift of kind words – the music to my ears – to let me know that I had been successful in giving out a touch of love to our guests.  The kind words will be remembered and etched in my journal – which is here on my farm blog – where I share my thoughts and my heart with you.