Our Mason Jar Chandelier

I knew I wanted to use the mason jars in this chandelier and to also infuse some of my vintage blue mason jars too.  I am always looking ways to very lightly insert some of that more feminine color of the turquoise here at there around the venue just to offset some of the more rustic features of the barn.  With Jill’s collaborative input with the logistics – it all came together – even the part of stuffing excess roping into the jars for effect.

In fact – some of those blue vintage jars came from the dirt cellar of the old farmhouse when my parents purchased the farm. I am always trying to tie in the some of our family heirlooms into decor features here. I even finished off the glass collage by using one of my treasure finds – an old pickle jar!  Part of its simple approach is that the lights can play off of each other so you don’t need bulbs in all jars – and let jars do what they can do to multiply the lighting effect.  The Edison light bulbs also contribute greatly to the look.

Photographers have some very creative ways to photo it….and we love seeing each new one.

It certain does dress up the room too.  The string lights create a magical effect too which adds to the whole look of it.

It ends up being a perfect addition to this very rustic room and just woos you to the dance floor….no matter what age you are.

And look at the interesting lighting effect that you see in the windows.

I hope you enjoyed this montage’ of photos on our chandelier as you learned a little story about its beginning.  Here is a screen shot of the In Orbit Productions website just for a FYI. 

~ Margie