It Is All About Love – Wedding of Caroline & Shot by Innamorata Photography

Love….it is all about love.  Seems so simple but it isn’t.  Seems so common but it’s not.

The sky was exceptionally beautiful that day with lots of clouds dancing around.  Not storm clouds but those huge billowy ones that look like marshmallows.

Caroline had a good ole’ time hanging out at the farmhouse with her girls.  Sure  looks like they were having fun.

I tell ya, this turquoise bathroom makes the most stunning photos with a wedding dress hanging in the corner.  The colors just pop together.  Do you see the old wood on the ceiling?

A glimpse of their early reveal.  This is the look that you want to see when your groom turns around to look at you.  Delight – Joy – Excitement all rolled into one.

There are always plenty of great places to take bridal party photos….and these old tin barn doors are one of my favorites.

What a pretty line up of girls…and they sure know how to smile at the camera.

What a character!….a pair of them!

Time for a wedding.  Girls proceed in as usual but…………


The guys made a grand entrance – haywagon style.  Toot, toot…….here they come.

Here comes the bride.

Just in time…..the shade takes over the full ceremony area and we settle in for a sweet ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss.

Back to the tree tunnel….for some more stunning photos.

When I asked Caroline if she wanted, by chance, a baby goat photo…..she hee-hawed around trying to say “no” politely  when Shot quickly spoke up and said very enthusiastically, “I Do!”  This man was so tickled to hold the goat.  It was like icing on the cake to a wonderful day.  We didn’t have too young of a baby to give him but Shot is a big strong guy who easily held the one that I had.  Caroline was excited but very very content to just let Shot do the “holdin’.’

He was so excited and happy.  He would’ve taken him home with him given half a chance.

Dessert smorgasbord set up in the grove….but on a summer’s night….we held up off bringing out the goodies until later.

All of my cute vintage dessertware makes anything look extra “purdy.”  The cupcakes were scrumptious and in a wide assortment of flavors to boot.

The cupcakes came in lots of flavors and it was mighty good.

It was pretty having the cake cutting under the lights of the grove.

Return to the field and under that pretty sky one  more time.  The clouds are putting on a show till the very end.

And there’s always time for another kiss.


and just in case you missed it earlier when I posted their video….here is a link to it as well.



~ Margie