Lingering Business before 2012 Arrives.

   I have many who have asked for photos of my daughter Heather’s wedding.  I have posted some of them on the website but I didn’t want to overdo her exposure on my website. But, I will post a few of them here for those who have so often inquired about them. I will say that I am a believer in God’s divine intervention and how so often things come about for a specific purpose and reason. So as Heather got engaged mid-year but put off the official announcement till after my son’s wedding….then complications of her work schedule that was requiring a lot of out of town travel….everything was coming down to the wire as far as setting a date much less announcing an engagement and a date. With our fall line up being fairly booked, November 5th was secured with only a couple of months to pull everything together.
   It was a huge relief to Heather for me and Jill to tell her calmly – don’t fret…..we can do this…and we can do that….we have tables….we have chairs….we can do all of that…so….again….don’t worry.  I felt as though I had practiced all year for that date.  I have practiced a little bit at each of our brides weddings…as I saw what they did….what I liked….what we didn’t….we became more organized…..more thorough….more efficient….and more confident. I can only thank all of our brides and their families and their vendors for it. It has been a wild ride this year and I will easily state that there have been few hitches. Oh yes, we have learned a lot but the point is that the people we have met and worked with/for have been a wonderful group of people and it has been a pleasure amongst all of the work to have met and served them.
   Heather’s wedding had a beautiful fall day and the colors couldn’t have been prettier. They were married in the front field with Lookout Mountain as their fall tapestry backdrop.  The day was a warm autumn day and the wedding held at 11 a.m. The little touches here and there were so very Heather and Madison.  Our guests enjoyed their day and my helpers were a God-send. The Barn at High Point Farms is still just her home….a place that maybe has a face-lift but looks like the same place that she played in as a child. It has not transformed into something it isn’t so that again helped to make this special day for Heather so perfect. So….I will include a few photos below.
   One final tidbit…..taxes, taxes…..what a nightmare to deal with.  That said….here is the long story made very short.  I didn’t charge my brides Georgia sales taxes but discovered mid-year that I should’ve. I took the financial hit and paid those taxes on the 2011 weddings and resigned myself to paying for those 2012 brides who had already signed contracts. I altered any new contracts to include a statement saying that they will have to pay the 7% Ga. sales tax. Now…I have been told that we are an unusual enough venue that we actually don’t have to pay the sales tax after all. Yeah!  Good news for me in that I will get some money back and not have to “eat” that expense next year for a slew of events.  Good news for many of the 2012 brides who had signed new contracts where they thought they would have to come up with 7% tax on their weddings – so that is a bit of money put back into their wedding budget!  Merry Christmas!
  Enjoy the little slide-show.  Photos by Jennie Lee Photography in NE Tennessee.