Lindsey and Will – by The Nashville Wedding Collection

The day began overcast and chilly.

No rain…..but a cold snap.  Could the day be rescued?

The colors of the farm were still lingering…..the trees were still in rich hues.

Girls began prepping in the farmhouse as usual

The photographer meandering the farm taking details shots.

Bouquets and boutonnieres are being wrapped and pinned.

It was important to Lindsey to infuse our infamous heirloom flower, Cock’s Comb, into the bouquets and bouts.

Add to the day – a very sweet and thought out gift from the groom to his bride.

Take a moment out of the day for Daddy to see his pretty little daughter.

With a happy, energetic, enthusiastic group of family and friends to support them….

Let’s not forget about the bride who is a southern lady through and through……gentile, accomplished, thoughtful to those around her, and did I mention – head over hills in love with her Will.

oh, gotta mention the dress.  oooh-la-la!   what a dress!

Lindsey wanted a decorating style that was very unique.  She wanted an upscale farm-esque feel to her tables both because we are a farm and because she has fond memories of her grandparents garden.  Infusing herbs, vegetables, and flowers together even with a touch of cotton (her daddy is a cotton farmer from Mississippi) would bring all of her desired elements together.  It was a challenging but oh so fun task….and I dare say a “one of a kind” presentation.

Lindsey, like so many brides, had struggled early on about her “sign in method” and wasn’t sure what to choose.  After sharing with me how her and Will met (at a Widespread Panic concert)…..I challenged her to find a concert poster….which she did – and had it put on a canvas.  This made a very appropriate sign in method – one that would have happy memories past and present.  To it – I added a “card box” which was a guitar case…..and a travel trunk for gifts.

The ceremony was in the barn.

A groom awaiting his bride.

Vows before God.

A bluegrass band playing ………..and a special song by a friend – just for her.

Sealed with a kiss.

Double it up – and seal it with a second kiss!

Great food!  (Events With Taste)

My golf cart chauffeur services whisks the couple off for some romantic photos.

Lindsey had made an earlier request.  She wanted to let her guests eat while she was taking photos…but then wanted to have a quiet meal with her new husband….just for a bit, to enjoy the great food and to just enjoy a few moments alone together first.  So……I made up a romantic table for two on the back porch of the Mimi Guest House with crimson dinnerware.

I thought this was a grand idea.  The newlyweds were able to eat and enjoy their food …and each other without being interrupted…..all along their guests were happily eating themselves in the barn.  Once the dinner was over, the bride and groom were announced back into the barn – ready to cut the cake.

No surprise to any of the guests when they realized that an assortment of cheesecakes (and cupcakes) was on the agenda….Will is a huge cheesecake fan.

A dancing band to kick off dancing in the dancehall.

A special dance presentation by the bride and her dad.

A favors table for guests – flower seeds of our very own High Point Farm Cock’s Comb.

Even a bonfire for those undaunted by cool temps.

All of the ingredients were there for a perfect day….rain or shine…….warm or chilly breeze…..they had smiles on their faces, love in their hearts, and a well-planned day.  It was one of the best!

Enjoy the video too by 148 Films.                                                                                              ~Margie