Lauren and Derek by Kenney Photography

With below freezing temperatures blanketing the days here at the farm, it is so refreshing to see these stunningly “green” photos of a spring wedding here at  the farm.  Anytime that the photography duo of Kenney Photography is at the farm, you get ready for some amazing photos…and here they are.

This vintage turquoise couch seems quite “fittin'” sitting out in the hayfield with a beautiful bride and handsome groom… a good recipe that just can’t fail.

The canopy of foliage seems to know how to cascade perfectly around the couple to frame them just so…….

Even the greenhouse looks amazing when such a stunning bride is leaning on her.

A real old barn….made with telephone poles and an assortment of wood boards of all tints and sizes…..with hanging wash tins on the wall……and some very old trolley doors come together to make an awesome photo.  Now – granted….a beautiful bride in a stunning dress……with a cute figure certainly does help, right?

Lauren had enjoyed the 2-day package so apparently, her and her girls took advantage of the time and had a grand ole time!

The mix of the long cascading dress hanging on the old vintage farmhouse with those old bricks, distressed columns, wash tin ferns, and tin roof….all blend together to make one heck of a photo.

First look on the back side of the farmhouse.  Even the back of the farmhouse has its charm.  Take a look at Derek’s face – he certainly knows he is going to see something beautiful when he turns around.


Wedding ceremony was to be in the grove – as beautiful as it is.

But…..alas……showers were threatening to come through the valley just prior to the ceremony.

And…not to be deterred…..she proceeded to have her outside ceremony….and smiled through it all.

But as a surprised blessing…..part way through the vows – the skies cleared and even a few rays of sunshine came through.

Sealed with a kiss.

Something borrowed and something blue – this getaway vehicle was a fun gift for the newlyweds and made a great photo.

The clouds moved back in and since the first dance was going to outside on the pear tree patio – it got switched to the stage…but it too made for a romantic photo.


And once again…..not to be deterred……Lauren and Derek dart outside anyway…..onto the Pear Tree Patio where the magical tree creates a fairy tale atmosphere for their first dance.  Blessings happened once again as Kenney Photography captured the stunning moment and made it worth their sacrifice.

Now – I say “sacrifice” but on second thought – they don’t look like there is any sacrificing going on.

~ Margie