Late Fall Wedding – Trishell & Jimmy by Rich Smith Photography

The wedding of Trishell and Jimmy was from that first weekend in November ’16.  With the drought still in play – you wouldn’t know it to look at these pictures; the grass is green around the barn and there are colorful leaves at the feet of this bride and groom.  It was indeed a gorgeous day and a beautiful wedding.

Those fuscia flowers in this picture are my mother’s infamous “Cox’s Comb” and for those flower novices in my fan club – it is named for a Rooster’s double-chin (in essence). You get so much bang for your buck on these flowers.  They begin blooming mid-summer and continue until frost.

Our fall weddings possess the most high in demand dates of the whole year.  What use to be June as the most popular wedding month – I swear it has become October and November.  Brides often drill us over “which weekend is the peak for colors?” and of course, that just varies from year to year and is influenced by rains, tree types, temperatures leading into fall, as well as frost dates.  What I do know is that the color starts putting on a show early and keeps putting on a display for weeks.  But – somehow there is lingering color through till Thanksgiving.

Trishell and Jimmy fall into that category that about half of our couples are in – No time to handle details so they delegate to our qualified vendors.  They knew what overall look they wanted and had a very short list of what was important to them but their schedules were too busy to give much attention to it.  This works great because we have a great group of vendors that we recommend – one’s who have come here and been very professional….and this is what they did. Then – day of…they got to enjoy the day knowing details were being handled.  The picture above shows their “early reveal” where they get to see each other prior to the ceremony.  I really think this makes the most sense for most weddings.  Not only is it helpful for your timetable but it allows you and your fiance to have this intimate special moment just between the two of you….and not in front of a large crowd.

I love this angle too of Josh checking out Trishell…and she is an attractive woman….love that auburn hair and when she smiles – it just lights up the room.  And – you can tell that Josh likes what he sees!

Trishell, like more and more of my brides that I decorate for, wanted a very natural woodsy feel to the ceremony area in the grove.  With the circle of trees and the forest influence going on – finding an organic way to dress up the aisle was what she wanted.  She wanted me to infuse leaves, moss (because she loves hiking in the Georgia mountains and remembers so fondly all of the moss in the woods), and infuse some of her colors.  If you don’t recognize the fruit that I used – this is actually some sort of Bradford pear “fruit” which isn’t edible to you and me but my goats love it and… helps infuse that color.  I like how it turned out….indeed it looks like we are in the middle of a forest.

The grove ceremony was very intimate.  Another trend that we are seeing is where there is a very small bridal party – in this case, just three.

Another trend is where we curve the placement of the ceremony chairs into a horseshoe effect.  We tend not to use the vintage benches when we do this but by curving them in this pattern it not only makes it more intimate but it gives better visuals to more people.  I like this trend too – just seems more relaxed somehow.

Their sign in choice was this vintage globe (which I love)….and was ever so appropriate because their hometowns were from two totally different parts of the country and their guests came from all over.  Plus – the globe is something beautiful enough to decorate your home with so it adds charm to your home as well as reminds you of all of your friends who came that day.  I added all of this cool vintagey decor to accompany their look.  The old funky  box in the background is actually an old cigar display cabinet and of course my old typewriter has old world charm to it.

I admit I have quite a bit of fun figuring out how to infuse little bits and pieces of the bride and groom into my decorating design. Often I hear back after the bride has seen the photo gallery and they discovered some of those “bits and pieces” after the fact.  But I enjoy infusing her colors of mustard yellow and rusty orange in little ways here and there.  I set the vintage clock and office note pad to the wedding date and ceremony time.  I found a vintage map and travel map holder where it showcases his home state of Michigan.  I kept the style very earthy but infused enough lace to keep that romantic feel too.

More trends to  mention:  Each table looks different but in theme.  Head table does not sit on the stage away from the crowd but it is among the other tables but still stands out.  No wedding cake but a dessert smorgasbord of everything tasty that the bride and groom could imagine.  Events With Taste was the caterer and they always do an amazing job with their recipes and their desserts too.

Their photographer, Rich Smith Photography, captured the essence of the day with so many detail shots as well as some very artistically angled portrait type pictures.  It certainly helps to have attractive subjects like Trishell and Josh, helps to have a couple who show pure delight in their expressions all day, and it helps to have a beautiful fall day that abounds with great backdrop effects.  Thank you Rich for sharing so many great photos with us.

Notice Trishell’s bouquet?  I don’t remember where she ordered these – maybe Etsy.  They are not real flowers…but actually wood.  They were very impressive.

The evening continued with dancing, smores at sunset by the bonfire, and a beautiful sparkler send off.  It was just a fun day at the farm for one and all.

This was one of those stand out weddings…just very memorable….and when we see the expressions on their face – like this picture touts – then the rest of it is just incidentals.    Great food – beautiful day – sweet friends that showed up – gorgeous dress – great vendors….but ya gotta start with that over the moon love and adoration for each other…it has to start there….and you can see with this couple, it does.                                                                      ~Margie