Last Wedding of the Year 2016 – Lexy & Billy by King Studios


Billy and Lexy picked the very last Saturday of the year that we had available, but the fall colors could not have been any more pretty and the day could not have been any more warm and beautiful than if it were in mid-October instead of mid-November.

With all of the fall leaves and autumn colors everywhere, Lexy loved the pastels and embraced that softer side of colors and flowers.  I was so excited to offer the vintage couch that had the antique rose shade of pink that she so desperately wanted.  Lexy wanted that clean elegance and it was reflected in the choice of her beautiful wedding gown (dontcha just love all of those buttons?), her hydrangeas for the tables with that little touch of turquoise from the vintage jars, and the accent colors of blush, antique rose, white, and ivory.  Lace, flowing curtains, pink ribbons, and a pastel rag banner – all added the touch of class to her decor scheme.

They brought lots of photos to display – on the tree showing off their childhood years, on the sign-in table, as well as a “Story Of Us” display.  She made sure that her wedding cake was adorned with ribbons and antique rose flowers.  She was smart and classy with those silver sequin shoes.  They had a tree planting ceremony.  Her last minute request to have lights hanging from behind her head table was a challenge but we made it happen.  All of these little things helped to make her day just as she dreamed it.

A growing trend – Billy and Lexy chose to have just one attendant each – keeping things intimate, I think.

King Studios was their photographer and did an awesome job taking some very artistic angles to add to their gallery and even on a day that was plagued by forest fires in the region and most of the south was blanketed with smokey skies, they made the most out of it and sometimes even used it for their advantage to create a misty “fog-rolling-in” effect.  Thanks, King Studios,  for sharing your gallery of photos with us!

It was indeed a beautiful wedding with a bride who looked stunning and was happy to be married to a great guy named Billy who would light up a smile when he saw her.

Another successful wedding – and a great end to our awesome year.           ~ Margie