Kimberly and Trevor – A Garden Wedding

   Kimberly had a very clear vision of what her wedding day would be like.  She had her collection of pinterest pictures to help convey this very garden theme influence.  It was so much fun building on her wishes to create this backdrop for her.
Trevor, the groom, is military (obviously) and it was important for this to play an important role too.  He in his uniform, Kimberly’s maid in blue striped dresses, and a special American flag hung on the barn celebrated and honored his service.

   The gown Kimberly chose was stunning – very classy, lacey, and fit her to a tee.
  I never tire of seeing these young lovebirds swoon over each other.  The way they gaze at each other and sparkle as they approach the others.  The love Kimberly and Trevor have for each other is obvious and you can even see it in these pictures.
  Mixing in very earthy elements plus pots of herbs were essential. Kimberly brought a variety of herbs to be gathered into paper cones by her guests so that they could be tossed towards the  “just married” couple after the initial ceremony.  This herb and garden theme was easily woven onto sign in, cake table, table decor, and gift tables too.
   I admit it was deliciously fun to dig through all of my treasures and scavenger hunt through my favorite antique stores to find these various accessories.  Old metal frogs became herb seed holders for the tables, moss added natural greenery, tins of live basil and rosemary, garden boxes, dried lavender, and more.  Kimberly brought the above blue vintage-looking metal tins that we filled with fresh kale, Queen Anne’s Lace, and purple thistle.  The compliment came when Kimberly and her girlfriends arrived to see the venue decked out and tears came to Kimberly’s eyes as her friends declared, “wow – this is exactly what she has always talked about wanting for this day!”  Does it get better that this?  It is like being commissioned to paint a picture for somebody and waiting with baited breath to hear that it has pleased the customer.
   The ceremony was set for within the grove.  Chairs were arranged in a horseshoe pattern which created a much more cozy effect to the onlookers.
   Don’t they look so happy?  Such an honor to be a witness to this.
   Their family and friends had a beautiful day and a delightful time on the farm.  They enjoyed cornhole and a bonfire with smores to be enjoyed.   The dance hall was active till late.
   We were honored to be a part of this brides special day – to meet their wonderful and supportive family and friends – to paint the farm with a look that was “so very Kimberly” – and to know that we helped in some way make this day as special as she had dreamed it to be.
A huge thanks to Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography for again doing an amazing job on the photography and for your generosity in sharing these photos with us at the farm.
Have a blessed day – Margie