Kaylee and John – by Indiee Fox Photography

Meet Kaylee and John – both full time athletes.

This day would somewhat be outside their comfort zone – likely most weddings are, in fact.  Kaylee and John would leave their uniforms at home and transform themselves into a beautiful bride and handsome groom.

The wedding was in the grove.  Photographer, Indiee Fox, did an amazing job with her camera to create this fascinating effect – love it!

While the newlyweds head off to take some romantic photos – the children are entertained with feeding the goats.

Did I say romantic photos?…..maybe first – a goat photo.

I was tickled pink that both the photographer and the couple were easily prompted when I suggested to go “into the grasses” for a photo.  Indiee pulled this off wonderfully don’t you think?

Back for dinner

After seeing this picture, I think I will forever think of Kaylee like this.

No need for sparklers when you have some glow sticks.

Another unique wedding at the farm…………………….                                                         ~ Margie