An Interesting Trend – Part I

Every year we see interesting trends that shape the various details of a wedding day.   For sure – when we first began our business in 2011 – barn weddings were not a trend and we were actually fairly cutting edge.  But with each passing year, we have seen the barn craze skyrocket.  Hopefully we have found our niche amongst the crowded field not only in our look but in our general approach.  Even beyond venue, we see trends in bridesmaid dresses, for example…We now see fairly regularly bridesmaids’ dresses looking all different from each other – whether that is purely shade of color or in style.  We see lots of Bohemian influences and Romantic Woodland themes still but now see more “natural and organic” type decorating styles.  Even in the food category, we went through the cupcake stage where everybody ‘had to have’ cupcakes and now see lots of dessert smorgasbords, Krispy Kreme donuts, and ice cream or sorbet cart vendors.  We have seen a low country boil to a roasted pig to even a farm-to-table for food choices.

The trend that we are hearing more and more about and getting more inquiries about are “weekend packages” to accommodate a smaller and more intimate wedding event.  This 2-day event (and sometimes stretching into 3 or 4 days) is part – only part – of a change in the approach that the bride and groom have towards their wedding celebration.  Like most trends, this one is a shift in the normal way but it is rooted in some very good reasoning.

When we talk with our married brides months after their wedding, I try to ask them, “is there anything that you would do differently?”  There is certainly some variety of responses – everything from 1. I would’ve chosen a more comfortable wedding dress, 2. I would’ve worn my hair more like me, or 3. I should’ve hired somebody to handle decorating or coordinating……but the most common response has been this:

“I would have had a much smaller wedding so that I could spend more time with those special family and friends who came.”  This alone is much of the crux of why we are seeing the trend of a 2-day wedding event.

Weddings are half reunions nowadays and for sure a reuniting of friends.  We do get a fair amount of destination weddings from as far away as Hawaii, California, Chicago, Florida, Texas and more.  Even beyond those destination weddings where everybody is from somewhere else than here – most weddings have a fair percentage of guests who are from out of town and even out of the country.  When friends and family think that much of you to fly in from out of town for your wedding – it goes without saying that they are special and having time to reconnect with them is important.

In my Part II, I will explain a bit about what a 2-day event looks like and ideas on how to best utilize this extra time.

~ Margie