An Interesting Trend – Part II

In Part I of “An Interesting Trend,” I identified how so many weddings nowadays have guests coming in from all corners of the globe — not just within the States but even globally.  Many factors contribute to just this one issue:  1.  More college-bound students are choosing schools further away from home than ever before, 2. More couples are waiting longer to wed giving those college relationships more time to disperse in all directions, 3. The job markets have been more challenging these last several years creating more incentives to take jobs further away from your intended target area, 4. More immigration increases the odds of a blended cultural union meaning at least immediate family will be scattered, and 5. Military couples are stationed all over the world causing a diverse friends’ network….and I am sure there are many other reasons beyond these.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of destination wedding requests we have received for our wedding venue and even more tickled at the positive responses after the fact as both bride and groom plus their guests have totally enjoyed their “Southern Appalachian Farm Charm.”

Wedding day often has a mind and of its own and the schedule seems to consume all lingering minutes for even the well organized bride.  Not just the bride, but typically the whole wedding party, parents, and guests have a challenging timeline and agenda.  Airport logistics seems much more complex these days, then there is obtaining transportation, getting to the motel, checking in at the right time without hitting the crowded lobby, unpacking, prepping, and finding the location of stop number one – usually the rehearsal dinner venue or restaurant.

Finding a venue or restaurant with an accommodating room is increasingly more difficult.  Any venue will have those same weekend dates being secure not only for other rehearsal dinner events but often for weddings or other functions.  Finding a location with a large enough facility narrows your choices.  Often the best food choices don’t make for the best dinner event choices.  Nothing quite as frustrating as trying to talk over loud restaurant noise.  Even when you find a good choice, the event is planned out with dinner and speeches and toasts – leaving little time for a nitty gritty pow wow with close friends.  Everyone divides and heads back to their hotels with instructions for the timeline on the following day.

Wedding day has a packed timeline as well, and if you have a guest count of over 100, it just becomes impossible for a bride and groom to meet, greet, and converse with that many people in between all of those other important segments of that day.  And so not to beat the dead horse here, I think you grasp the challenge of why it seems difficult to catch up.

So – hold up – slow down – stop the horses….without even considering a 2 day option, just pause long enough to rethink your wedding plans.  Take control, ponder what is important, figure out a way to have an awesome celebration without the scheduling being in control.  Wedding were not suppose to be stressful or filled with anxiety or packed to gill with activities.  To celebrate implies enjoyment – so plan for it.  Make it a day to remember.  Make it a day that you would want to relive again.

Whether it is the decision about what food, how many in the bridal party, whether to have cake or ice cream, whether to do a first dance or not, and for sure – how many guests are invited….take control and really discuss with your fiance’ and your parents how you want this day to go.

Now……stop and imagine this.  If one day at the farm is magical what would two days be like?  Our Two-Day Add On Option accommodates this concept of purposely scripting more time into the weekend – purposeful time.  The Two Day Option starts off with combining function locations and lodging.  On-site lodging at the guest house (up to 8) plus the farmhouse (4-5 adults) for the night before the wedding through the day plus the night of the wedding.  It also includes time for a rehearsal plus another evening event.  It also adds time to your wedding day prepping – beginning at 8 a.m. instead of noon.

Think on this….and in Part III, I will go over some diverse scenarios on just how to embrace this concept and rethink the whole wedding planning approach.

~ Margie