I Am Giddy Too

   As each bride’s special day approaches…..as the barn magically transforms….as the guests meander in and react with delight….as the faces of each couple reveals their pleasure with our venue….and as each photographer produces a visionary cocktail mix of art and heart and photo-journalism….I find that I am giddy too with each event.  
    Each wedding stands in time as something special and unique.  A day to remembered and celebrated by a host of people for years and years to come.  An event that by its design is a fork in the road in not only two people’s lives but in a host of people’s lives.  Forever will the story be told of romance that began, the courtship that ensued, the proposal that was successful, and the wedding that marked it in stone.  It is so exciting to be part of this special event to so many brides.  May I always feel this  giddiness despite the achy joints after all the preparations are complete, despite the hectic schedule day in and day out, despite the number of brides we have….may each one be as special as I feel towards them now.
   That said….I am pleased to share some newly released photographs from our last wedding – Carlie and Michael – taken by Soli Photographer. Her work speaks for itself. I have my favorites which I will include here….for a full view of this Sneak Peak Preview – check out Soli Photographer’s Facebook Page.  Carlie was a beautiful bride in fact some of these images look flawless like they came out of a magazine….and I can’t say enough complimentary things about Soli and her artistic eye and what all she can capture with her camera. 
    Enjoy and G’night.