However You Envision It


   One of the exciting and advantageous features about our farm venue is that we allow our brides to set up their ceremony and reception however they envision it.  Just when we think we have seen it all, another great idea is revealed and another feasible option has been established.  It is wonderful from our angle to see how each of our weddings creates a different flair from the next one which is how a wedding should be – a reflection of the bride and groom and just how they would want it.    

   The bride above, Hannah, choice a favorite spot but she brought in a specialty crafted large wooden cross.  It was stunning and it meant so much to her to have the cross set as her backdrop for her ceremony.  
    Most of our brides pick “the lawn” as their ceremony site partly due to the beautiful scenic views that are in the backdrop – that as well as having the animals in the pasture showing up in their photos.  Some aim towards the knoll and some aim towards the valley. 
    Jennifer picked a unique angle – towards the High Point Farm gate sign.  It provided a nice long walk from the barn down the aisle – allowing the bride to relish every moment of the ceremony.  The sun at their backs and the trees overhead made this a beautiful new option.
   One of the reasons to select “the lawn” as the ceremony site is that it makes for such a grand exit from the barn and entrance to the ceremony when coming out of the large tin doors and flowing curtains.  What a gorgeous and picturesque photo op – it is hard to deny this.
   Some of our brides have found a way to get the ambiance of the grove and the grand entrance of coming onto the lawn by having their ceremony tucked up under the grove trees but having their guests seating on the lawn aiming at the grove trees. 
   Then there is the grove.  Intimate and much more cozy and rustic.
   But even the grove has versatility.  Though the above location is the favorite –  hanging lanterns or frames or swathes of material from the trees, other brides envision a different look amongst the trees – letting the tree be a focal point.
   Then consider the indoor “barn weddings” that take place and a few out in the hayfield with the peak of High Point – Lookout Mountain over-shadowing you – it really does allow our brides and all of these weddings to take on their own individuality. 
   So BRIDES – as you plan your grand day – think outside the box – dare to be yourself – let yourself this day be however you envision it.

   Till next time – Margie