How Blessed We Are! Witness the Wedding of Kelsi and Josh by Caressa Rogers Photography

Oh what a week or two we have had here at the farm.  Somehow we agreed to host three weddings last weekend then two this weekend.  Add to all of that the fact that there has been over a foot of rain that has hammered the southeast.  Sometimes – we are just tired and wore out and Monday’s come around and we are thankful to sleep in and take a breath……slow down……..recover – body, mind, and soul.

Well – this  Monday was more exceptional than I imagined because the photo galleries from several weddings began flooding in.  I sat here at my laptop and just was in awe………….Awe not only of the beautiful couple that was before me in living color (for they are), and not only of the very talented photographer (Caressa Rogers Photography) who captured this special moment in time as if a magic potion was brewing in her camera (for she is), but…….also in awe of the realization (again) to know “how blessed we are!”  We are in the front row proverbially (in the back row literally) to a day that will live in infamy….a day that two people (and a host of family and friends) will remember and cherish forever.  Who gets to say that?  Not the accountant – not the secretary – not the truckdriver.  We are fortunate – may I remember this more vividly when my body and feet ache after a busy weekend.

So – enough delay.  Let me show you a bit more of this amazing wedding!  Kelsi and Josh – what a couple.  You can see it visually that these guys are in love.  No if’s and’s or but’s….you SEE it….you KNOW it.


There were so many decorating touches here and there that made this wedding so stunning….many of the items are available here at the farm – old funky windows, distressed turquoise table, our chandeliers, that gorgeous turquoise hutch and vintage wares, even our old blue mason jar collection…but with our policy of allowing our brides control of their decorating – they become so very creative in arranging our freebie decor items – with their decor items – and with any of our extra rentals….and it crafts a look specific to the bride.  Hang a window here – set the hutch out there – add this and that…Kelsi and her mom did a beautiful job with laying it all out.


vintage wedding, farm wedding, barn wedding

It was a beautiful sunny day and the sky an amazing color of blue.  The dots of turquoise here and there added some grand pizzazz to her color pallet.  The white picket fence adds that bit of vintage to this photo – I think it is a unique one….not sure that I have seen this angle before – kudos to Caressa Rogers Photography for finding a new angle.

Don’t you just love it when the guys go a bit whimsical and add a crazy batch of funky socks to their wardrobe!

We witnessed a foot washing at this wedding.  Both Josh and Kelsi took turns.  It is always such a reverent thing to watch.  I don’t want to fully assume I know why they chose include this into their ceremony but I will express my opinions on its intent and importance (assuming many may not know).  Jesus washed His disciples feet – an act of love (humble love) but also to show service to them.  It is a demonstration of love – not just words which are indeed part of the vows — but an “act” of love.  It shows honor and respect and demonstrate that humbleness as you kneel before your spouse and wash their feet.  Typically feet would be filthy and dirty (which of course they were not on this day) but the symbolism is that you love – you humble yourself – you serve – you honor your spouse even if they were filthy or dirty – no preconditions.  It demonstrates that no matter what – I will be there for you.  Even to sit in the chair and have your feet washed is an act in of itself.  It “receives” your spouses act of love which is often a challenge.  It shows you the love and reaffirms that you won’t go this road alone.  It acknowledges this effort and shows your spouse that you will allow “their help and support” which again…is often a difficult thing in a marriage – to agree to help and to agree to be together in thought and action.  As the two take turns with this demonstration – they each learn to submit and they each learn to serve even from a position of power.  It all seems so very powerful and yet so intimate.

One minor crisis arose.  Somehow the container for the seat assignment didn’t get packed.  Just hours before the guests were to arrive was the revelation discovered.  I went to Mimi’s Guest House and raided her kitchen with all of these turquoise vessels.  I am kinda a turquoise nut – can you tell?  My collection of knickknacks came in quite handy as well as some vintage glass dessertware.  We filled them each with sand and snuggled the letters and seat assignments into each and displayed them all on the vintage cupboard.  It all just looked “fittin’.”   Crisis averted – mother of the bride was happy – time for guest to arrive.

Does it just all seems magical to you?  The sunflowers blooming – the sparkler fog that creates this cool backdrop for the send off kiss?  This beautiful couple who seemed to have such a delightful time – all day long – with all of it!  Yes – what a day it was….and I got to be a witness to it!  I have to end with this next photo…it is truly amazing.  This should be submitted to a magazine or online wedding blog…it is that good.  Seems like this truck belonged to a grandfather and might have actually ended up with this groom – not sure on that story….but it did…………it definitely made for a stunning photo op!  Love it!….Can somebody find me one to keep – for the farm?  That just what I need….so gorgeous and TURQUOISE…my favorite color to boot.  Does a picture get any better than this?                       And for the many many followers of my blog…….time to begin hearing from you guys – please comment here or on facebook….it is lonely on the blog without comments.                       ~Margie