Groom’s Room, i.e. Man Cave

  We do have another project completed – well….I hate to ever really as completed for we get new ideas and notions all the time how to upgrade or decorate or to improve some of our features here at HP Farms.  That said, I would hate to take away from our feeling of accomplishment as we announce the opening of our Groom’s Room which we really want to call it the Man Cave. 
  It didn’t start out as the Man Cave.  It has evolved which sounds more like a pun to the title of this room.  We knew from the get-go that we wanted to provide a cute and comfortable place for our brides to prepare.  We tout that brides love to get married in a barn but don’t want to get ready in a barn.  Give them a clean and vintaged decorated room any day and they will be happy.  Through in an air conditioner and a bathroom and you have just met all the necessary requirements.  Little touches of artistic paper flowers and quilts and shabby chic decor and well…….we have set the stage for our brides to have a wonderful time getting ready at the farmhouse.
  Now – the guys usually come dressed and if they don’t – sometimes all the need is a place to turn face. They have been known to just drop their drawers and change in  our barn lounge.  Well – that never went over really well with me or Jill so plan B was devised.  Plus – we noticed that often times the guys would hang their clothes in the lounge and leave little piles of their stuff – which not only wasn’t a safe place to leave your belongings but it then cluttered up our quaint rustic lounge which was meant for your guests.
  We pondered the where and the how.  Space is a prized item and finding the right place was a must.  A stall?…that was possible but I didn’t really want to alter the mood of the inside of the barn by having the guys hang out so close….plus I knew that I would love to provide for them an air conditioner and didn’t want to have the noise infiltrating my peaceful atmosphere at the barn.
  We had originally planned to make the Milkhouse (gray masonry building located between the barn and the farmhouse) to be our Caterer’s Corner. – a place where the caterer’s could have a work station, extra electricity, and a place to hide their clutter.  Over time – we saw that though this was functional – that it was a bit too far for the caterers to run their goods over to the Buffet Room.  Instead – we clean and revamped “and extra stall” located beside the Buffet Room for our Caterer’s Room – which made sense. This is so convenient for them to then refill the Buffet and keep an eye on the food status. So….we set up a table and moved the Frig there – leaving the Masonry Building to be our future Groom’s Room.
  Now – we did want to provide a place for our guys to change – a private place where they can change full monty if need be.(I say that, maybe I need to find a good way to attach a lock!). But – so close to the farmhouse  where our brides take great joy in all of the photo opportunities – well…that means that we have to eliminate some of their visual access to the farmhouse areas.  We added a hunkin’ HUGE air conditioner to keep those guys cool even on those hot days of August….some comfortable leather seating…..and of course….some vintage decor to keep everything in theme.  My grandfather was a barber back in the early 40’s thru 80’s and for many of those years set up shop in downtown Chattanooga in the James Building.  When he left there – he brought quite a few of the items from that shop; old green sinks, large mirrors, barber chair, etc. We have stored many of these things here at the farm for all of these years – sentimentally hoping for a way to use them in some capacity. Well – Jill recovered the barber chair and it sits proudly in her kitchen of the farmhouse. Many passerby-ers of her kitchen window have noticed it and admired it.  But the extra large vintage mirrors we put in the Man Cave. An old suitcase of his displays a few Men-related decors and even an old shoe-shine caddy that my grandfather had for all those many years ago – sets in the corner.  Curtains cover the windows so that there is no peeking in or out.  Several lights can provide enough glow to facilitate their dressing needs.  An old vintage galvanized cooler is there usually with a few cold water bottles for their pleasure. 
  So – our Groom’s Quarters has ended up more as a Man Cave.  A dark cold private room to harbor in – cool off – change and really just chill – in private….he and his guys as they wait for their cue.
So – is it a bit primitive?  Yep!  But I think quaint and quite sufficient for the guys and what they need. Give them a pack of cards and they may settle their nerves a bit.